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Dear Dad:

I know one day you’ll want to find me. I’ve phoned every David Rathwell possible, one of them had to be you, but all of them said they didnt know me. I know that what you did was wrong. Leaving a 3 year old, drinking more and more, abuse, the list goes on..but I dont even care dad. I want to be like my friends, buying there moms shirts that say “My kid goes to Georgian College” and their dads getting big “Georgian Dad” coffee mugs. Having one parent is awesome, i can only imagine what having 2 parents is like. In my search for you, I found your brother, my uncle. He hasnt spoken to you in a long time and wants to talk to you just as bad as i want to. He’s flying me out to his house in the summer, hes going to take me anywhere i want, and even to the stampede..things my dad should do. I want you to know that even though I dont have a dad,  I am pretty happy. I have friends, a love for children, I still play piano and keyboard, and even though i’m not a figure skater anymore I was one of my high schools best rugby players. I have a boyfriend of a year and a half (almost!) and mom is getting married. He’s an alright kinda guy, but your my dad. Even though I havent seen you in 11 years, it doesnt change my love for you. I’ll be waiting.



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