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Monthly Archives: May 2008

After giving it careful thought, Ive decided to go ahead and write this post. I thought of writing it a while ago and its consumed alot of my thoughts for the past couple days, so like i do before every blog post..i wrote it in my head (while i was in the shower, strange place), wrote some of it in a word document and now here i am.

Ive had lots of friends since my first year of high school. Ive got a facebook count of almost 700! However, i probably only talk to maybe 30 of those. In grade 9 my goal in school was to become the social butterfly. I joined a school sport, got involved in a couple things here and there…it got me some friends. In grade 10, still had the social butterfly goal.. however by the time grade 11 swung by, my perspective had changed a bit.. I had added a couple church friends to my circle of buddies and noticed they were a bit friendlier, easier to get along with and way easier to talk to.
So here I am, a first year college student. Ive made friends between my last year of high school and now. Friends that i know i’ll have for a while. For so long it took me months to build up friendships with people but with these people it took me a couple sunday lunches and early sunday morning hellos.

So, i really appreciate my church buddies. Trace, Jessie, Piercy..all of you. You are the people i go to when im hurting or sad and you cheer me up like its nothing. So thanks.

on another note, im thinking of getting baptised. I was baptised when i was really young, into the mormon church. So i want to be i want to remember my baptism… 





this summer i want something big to happen.

i want to change lives while changing my own.

3 years ago i spent a week working at the Salvation army in Toronto working with street people and a group of children who lived in government housing.  Then a year later I hopped on a plane to Guatemala where I saw places like Chimaltenango, Lago del Attilan and Antigua, while I was building stoves, corn roasters, leading a bible camp and sharing laughs with new friends. A year after that, I spent my summer at a ski resort, making beds, vacuming floors and cleaning up after wild summer parties.. not my cup of tea.

i want to do something cool this summer.

any ideas?

well. hey.

Ive been laying on my bed, wondering why i havent updated this old thing. I have my laptop, I clearly suffer from some form of sleeping disorder that allows me to be up at 10 to 3am writing this, i have nothing but time. whats stopping me from writing?
Writing used to be an almost..”passion” for me. My teachers in elementary school loved reading my work, for a while i wanted to be a journalist! again..  whats stopping me?

oh here it is.
my life..  is lame.
I wake up, i go to school, i come home, i watch recess or nap for half an hour, i go to co-op, i come home, i watch hannah montana, either hangout with friends, or homeworking eat dinner if i remember then eventually knock myself out.
meh…  connexus is my second house.
man oh man.
im boring

Sorry for the delay, too much procrastination and not enough to write.
I would however, like to inform you all i am alive, i cleaned my room, hung some photos, it looks lovely! Jeff and i are about to celebrate our covoted 1 year,3months.. haha, he’s so wonderful! such a cute smile and super duper personality. I just wish i could have him all of the time.

find a way to smile and never let it get away!

After waking up at 4 am, driving for what seemed like years and making the most tim hortons stops ever made in one trip I finally got to experience our Capital City for the first time.  I took the OC Transpo bus, got to see University of Ottawa and its stunning campus and went to the most specatular mall! I also met my future step sister and my step niece and nephew, vutest things ive ever seen. I havent felt such a strong love for a place since Guatemala. I want to be in Ottawa, the atmosphere was amazing!

Barrie, I’m sorry, youve got alot of work to do:)


I know this is weird and all, but when i was little I was a pretty good figure skater. I was bringing medals home monthly, passing tests left right and center and performing in shows across Ontario. My mom was my cheerleader, my seastress, my bag lady and my coach up until i gave skating up for rugby. My mom was devasated, but still came out to games dressed in orange and blue to cheer for her favourite lock on the invader rugby team. Then last year i stopped that. I just realized i felt like i left my mom with nothing to be proud of.
Yesterday i brought home my report card, i didnt want to look at it in class so i left it. My mom was so happy, she grinned and then went crazy. she made a fancy dinner and we ate outside, just like the celebrations we used to have.
Seeing my mom so content with my accomplishments is great and i had forgot what it felt like.


i came home with an 82 percent grade average:).