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well. hey.

Ive been laying on my bed, wondering why i havent updated this old thing. I have my laptop, I clearly suffer from some form of sleeping disorder that allows me to be up at 10 to 3am writing this, i have nothing but time. whats stopping me from writing?
Writing used to be an almost..”passion” for me. My teachers in elementary school loved reading my work, for a while i wanted to be a journalist! again..  whats stopping me?

oh here it is.
my life..  is lame.
I wake up, i go to school, i come home, i watch recess or nap for half an hour, i go to co-op, i come home, i watch hannah montana, either hangout with friends, or homeworking eat dinner if i remember then eventually knock myself out.
meh…  connexus is my second house.
man oh man.
im boring


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