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After giving it careful thought, Ive decided to go ahead and write this post. I thought of writing it a while ago and its consumed alot of my thoughts for the past couple days, so like i do before every blog post..i wrote it in my head (while i was in the shower, strange place), wrote some of it in a word document and now here i am.

Ive had lots of friends since my first year of high school. Ive got a facebook count of almost 700! However, i probably only talk to maybe 30 of those. In grade 9 my goal in school was to become the social butterfly. I joined a school sport, got involved in a couple things here and there…it got me some friends. In grade 10, still had the social butterfly goal.. however by the time grade 11 swung by, my perspective had changed a bit.. I had added a couple church friends to my circle of buddies and noticed they were a bit friendlier, easier to get along with and way easier to talk to.
So here I am, a first year college student. Ive made friends between my last year of high school and now. Friends that i know i’ll have for a while. For so long it took me months to build up friendships with people but with these people it took me a couple sunday lunches and early sunday morning hellos.

So, i really appreciate my church buddies. Trace, Jessie, Piercy..all of you. You are the people i go to when im hurting or sad and you cheer me up like its nothing. So thanks.

on another note, im thinking of getting baptised. I was baptised when i was really young, into the mormon church. So i want to be i want to remember my baptism… 







  2. sometimes i think i’m so in love with you that i may just burst!!! GACK! LOVEYOU!<3

  3. Wow sare!!! Thats so great!! I’m excited:)

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