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Monthly Archives: June 2008

* Go camping 🙂
* Figure September out.
* Bury someone in the sand
* Try something new.
* Watch The sunset on the beach
* Roast marshmallows on a bon fire
* Walk in the rain
* Float in the lake in an innertube
* Get a fun summer job
* Go boating
* Go to toronto for shopping
* Go on behemoth
* Go paddle boating
* Go to the beach with a picnic
* Have a classic movie night outside with friends
* spend a day in the pool
* Learn to drive a standard (properly..)
* Get outrageously burnt.
* Play backgammon outdoors somewhere
*Spend an entire day playing dutch blitz
* Go somewhere exciting for a weekend with friends before college
* Learn how to play Boston by Augustana on the piano
*Run through sprinklers
* Lay on the roof
* Go to an Art Gallery
* Make a masterpiece out of Chalk

Summer goals 🙂



I really just want to go skiing.


Weekends are seriously my favourite. Even though it is summer and everyday seems like a weekend to people nothing can beat friday-saturday-sunday. 🙂 My Friday was spent watching corny disney movies with an old friend, drinking icecaps..silly stuff. Saturday, 1 dollar flipflops at old navy then off to Wasaga with Piercy Tracey Danielle John and Kyle. Sunday brought an early wake up ( suprise suprise…) lunch with a funny group of friends and camping with my small group girls. I never really got alot of small group leading until last night. Ive always had Jessie there with me, so last night felt really different. One of the shyest girls in our group was giggling, laughing, singing and dancing and another girl, who never really seemed to appreciate church from my perpective was singing worship songs and dancing around. It was really great to see God work through those girls and im going to miss them in September 😦
Nap time she comes!


The last time we spent time together was forever ago. I would help you lace up your skates every morning if you braided my hair. I remember swimming laps with you and you told me that you wanted to get a 6 pack by the end of the summer so that you could show up Skylar (and im pretty sure you won) You called me once in a while and sometimes i would call you…until the phone bill was a liiiittle bit to much.   I still can’t comprehend why it had to be you. You are a wonderful person. Even when you were in a bad mood, if your skates were to small, if Michael was a jerk…you always found something positive to bring up. I wish i had more photos of you. The only one I really have, we are sitting on a waterslide at Wasaga Waterworld and we both look ridiculous. I think it was the first summer I was allowed a two piece bathing suit, which i remember you and Dawn would always make fun of me for.  What a great time we had. I know you are partying it up with the big man as we speak, because you were practically a walking party. I know you wouldn’t want us to feel bad and celebrate the life you lived, you were such an amazing girl and touched so many lives. Miss you even more.

ew. i just burped and it tasted nasty.

hey readers:)

so summer has began. i cn tell because my laundry has piled up, i sleep till 11 most days, my hair is frizzy from the heat and i only eat one meal a day. and so far, that one meal has consisted of toast or mr.noodles…theres so much to do in summer! who eats?.. haha.
However, as much fun as im having staying up till 3 with sarah every night, taking on a strange liking to sour puss, liking a boy(not sure where thats going yet) i have myself a little bittle of a  pickle..   (that sounded cool in  my head)
I have nooo idea whats going on for me in September..and i need to decide…fast!
Right now.. im going to Georgian..most of you know i DONT want to go there, I chose there to be with Jeff, which wasnt a good idear.
2 of my oldest closest friends are going to schools with my programs..  very high rated programs. so i can skip ut to Fanshawe with Kris, which is where i wanted to go in the first place, or go to Peterburough.
I cn drop my first semester, re-apply and go to school for winter semester (without filling out any college tranfer forms which is about a million pages of death and drama) and work as a nanny in Barrie full time. Ive already had 2 offers!
so..what do you think? your thoughts and prayers are sooo valuable to me. you have no idea.

its been a while and we’ve been down and out without laughter,
no smiling just tears
i’m tired of falling down and being such a disaster,
we’ve been here for years


I love my connexus fam!!! 🙂

Tomorrow is the perfect day for a with my best friend

So, my high school marks just went up onto the website. i finished my vicory lap with incredible marks and now im sitting here thinking about how 5 years of my orange and blue life are done! After playing rugby for 4 years for my high school, I realized what school spirit was all about and how proud I was to be an invader and have an entire orange and blue wardrobe, and now its over! so i thought id reflect a wee tad on what i learnt while in high school, from grade 9 right through until now.

–> starting at grade 9.
As cool as standing in a parking lot is, the smokers section is not fun.
cigarettes to go with the smokers section are not fun.
public school was big, high school is bigger
prepare to lose a couple friends, and gain a whole load of aquiantances
Taking photos with a 26er even though i could never drink more than 2 shots, is hardcore.
Letting Grandma force you into trying a new church actually benefited you 3 years down the road
playing rugby instead of figure skating actually makes you somewhat popular
my heart didnt actually break
hot boxing a little kids playground with bubble wrap was rediculous
when coming home trashed at 3 am, avoid the 4,5,6 and 7th stair because they make the most noise
picking up kids new in the neighborhood at timmies at midnight drunk makes for an incredibly embarassing morning.
trust your heart
avoid goldshlaager or whatever..especially after polishing off a bit of bacardi, 4 beers and umpteen countless coolers.
take note of who you call under influences
the coolness of drugs do wear off
traveling to a third world country is the biggest eye opener
you start to realize who your friends are
you do what you need to do
fall inlove
felt broken, and then felt saved
set up an entire church in just 2 hours
suffered severe heart ache
liked someone out of my leugue
I became a new person over the course of five years. I lived for my friends, myself and then for Jesus.. it was the bumpiest ride ever. I got rid of friends I thought i’d be with forever, I got hurt by the person i though I would marry, and i got closer to my other friends, to god and to myself.


Time for an update i suppose

-I have been baptized:) I was baptized by Carey last Thursday and my amazing group of friends came to see:)
-Im over the gross relationship mess. It took a couple coffees and some great friends but whats done is done, i cant reverse that.
– Super unsure about college. I dont want to go to Georgian, at all. Today i recieved a letter in the mail saying I earned a 500 bursary for Georgian, meaning I need to be there for first semester at least.

check back lots over the summer, im sure ill get myself into something!



im not going to stress over you anymore
it isnt worth it.
I tried to work something out, but you just ignored it.
Im not trying to say I dont want you
Because I do, I really do.
All i’m saying, is that im done chasing after you.
and Im done with you playing these games with my head and my heart.