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Hey! So im getting baptised on June 19th. Im so excited! I was baptized before when I was eight into the mormon church.  I didnt understand baptism and I dont remember it at all. Im so excited to be baptised and have Carey will baptize me!! My testimony is being filmed on the 12th aaaand this is what im going to say:) Its short and sweet, cause i have to fill a two minute slot.

Hi! I’m Sarah Martin and I’m nineteen. My life before accepting Christ was a little messed up. I was a little grade nine who wanted to fit in so bad. No matter what I did, what parties I went to, I stayed the same. My grandma got me to go to a youth group in grade 10, even though I really didn’t want to. I made some new friends acted totally different than the friends at school and they convinced me to go to acquire the Fire, a teen convention in Hamilton. I knew as soon as I got there I wanted something more. I didn’t do the altar call or anything, but I silently sat in my seat and prayed and cried, and by the end of the night I noticed how happy I felt. Having god in my life is incredible. I have this tight group of friends from church who are the best people ive ever met, I serve in upstreet and as a small group leader at inside out, and it’s such a great way to get connected to people. Christ has made so many changes in my life and he is definitely my lord and savior

im so excited.



  1. I really hope they post your video online. It’d be awesome to see!

  2. wow sare! all i can say – :D, big hug, and congrats!

  3. So glad that ATF was able to be a part of bringing you closer to Jesus!!!

    Ever thought about coming out to the honor academy?

    I think you’d love it! 🙂 Maybe check it out…

  4. Hey that’s awesome! So glad that ATF was able to help you get closer to Jesus…

    Ever thought about being an intern at the honor academy??? I think you’d love it…

    Check it out…


  5. Cool…sorry about that :\ Didn’t mean to comment twice!!!!

    BTW: small town texas could be a perfect spot for a small town canadian girl 🙂

    Seriously…we get all kinds of kids out here (canadians too!) No pressure…but maybe just ask DAD about it and see what He says 🙂 I went right after high school and it was one of the best decisions for my walk with God…ya know? ok bye! 🙂

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