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Saturday morning I had a chance to go for a drive with my mom.. The past couple months for my mom and I have been crazy, and she used to be my very best friend but weve both been crazy busy so we havent had the oppurtunity to even simply tell eachother how much we love eachother. So we hopped into our truck and drove out to Oro, one of my favourite places in the whole world. Seems weird to alot of people, this small little town, famous for burls creek events park and its stunning main street “Gasoline Alley” (im being sarcastic on that one) but I love it so much. We took a drive on Ridge Road and drove by my best friends house. I miss her so much, the half hour distance and our busy lives getting ready for college has kept us apart so when i saw her house i wanted to stop so bad… but we kept going.. we turned up the 7th line which is memory lane to me. The 7th line houses so many memories for me. I began my walk with Jesus on the 7th line, I swam in a lake for the first time there, fell inlove with Jeff, met Katrina, Carissa, Tracey, Gillian and a bunch of my oldest church friends there. I wanted to cry right then and there as we drove by Trinity.

I miss it, so much. Connexus is great, I’ve learnt were never going to go back to Oro and form one big church again, and I’ve learnt to like it and appreciate all the amazing stuff that goes on there but thinking back to all the great memories at Trinity makes me want a time machine so bad.

catch my drift?


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