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Well, its the day i’ve been waiting for since I woke up on Monday, It’s Thursday!! I stayed up all night last night working on the best dang essay and powerpoint presentation anyone has ever seen, and it only took 2 energy drinks! Tonight, I head back to Connexus (I spent a good portion of my afternoon there) to film my baptism testimony.. its being shown in church on a Sunday morning in July..dont miss it!:)  I’m so excited for this weekend!
Tomorrow, after 4 months I get to see my best friend again. I cant even wait. Frozen hot chocolate, Chef boyardi, photoshoots and the lake! Our 4 favourite things to do! Saturday brings a motorcycle ride with the love of my life, out to Wasaga Beach to hang out with my fabulous friends-Sunscreen included! Sunday, were bringing old Trinity tradition back…SOSH PARTY! if your in the Hillsdale side of town, stop by!:)

Have a great weekend!:)



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  1. Haha but aren’t the sites i find awesome!!!??
    keeps you on your toes and… exploring the net??
    haha loveyou<3

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