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oh man. I wrote this huge post last night, and it didnt even work.

anyway, in order to clear the air a little bit… Jeff and I have broken up, however I’m ok 🙂 It takes a lot for 2 people to be friends after something like this but were going to do it. Make our stuff work. Who knows what God will show me, him or us a couple years down the road. 

So now im left with this mess that I need to fix. I applied to various different schools at the end of last year, but accepted Georgian because of my relationship with Jeff. Both of us did that, and both of us realized we shouldn’t have. Im looking into re-apply for January for Fleming, Fanshawe, and Centennial. I want to get away I think, see something new. Jeff wasnt holding me back from that, infact he encouraged it…but I could never do it.

So thats all I got. I’m ok, im smiling and I have incredible friends, who just will not go away:) not that I would ever want them too, but theyve been amazing in all this.

Off to connexus I go, getting baptised on Thursday! would love if peeps could come out 🙂



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  1. Hard times…but it’s definitely cool to have such good friends.

    Hang in there and CLING to Jesus 🙂

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