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Ive gone through so many different stages today. I can only hope tha youve gone through the same as I have. Its hurt. Its hurt alot. The days are going to seem long and the journey is going to be a bumpy one.

its only been a day and already theres times where the hurt is just unbareable. I just want everything to go away, i just want you. But lets face it.. not everyone can hear the right voice in their head,I know right now i cant have you, and I know if i want something I have to ask for it. I have to listen to God and be patient but not everyone can hear God`s voice..and right now, it feels so impossible to me.
Everyone keeps telling me they are praying for me, and for us. I want to tell them to stop, but I know what their prayers are doing and I know its helping. I wish you would pray, I wish we could have some answers.

I would be lying if I said I wasn`t scared. Scared to be alone, scared of never being the same, scared of not being around you.

If your anything like me, you have had a hard time hearing His voice too.. I think that scares me the most.

So God you heard me, all the way down here…
My turn to listen


One Comment

  1. everything is gonna be alright,
    everything is gonna be alright,
    everything is gonna be alright,
    be strong believeee!! (8)

    yellowcard song called believe.
    download it and wear my yellowcard shirt when you listen to it! doo ittt!
    you know you want to.
    i lovee you bb.

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