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So, my high school marks just went up onto the website. i finished my vicory lap with incredible marks and now im sitting here thinking about how 5 years of my orange and blue life are done! After playing rugby for 4 years for my high school, I realized what school spirit was all about and how proud I was to be an invader and have an entire orange and blue wardrobe, and now its over! so i thought id reflect a wee tad on what i learnt while in high school, from grade 9 right through until now.

–> starting at grade 9.
As cool as standing in a parking lot is, the smokers section is not fun.
cigarettes to go with the smokers section are not fun.
public school was big, high school is bigger
prepare to lose a couple friends, and gain a whole load of aquiantances
Taking photos with a 26er even though i could never drink more than 2 shots, is hardcore.
Letting Grandma force you into trying a new church actually benefited you 3 years down the road
playing rugby instead of figure skating actually makes you somewhat popular
my heart didnt actually break
hot boxing a little kids playground with bubble wrap was rediculous
when coming home trashed at 3 am, avoid the 4,5,6 and 7th stair because they make the most noise
picking up kids new in the neighborhood at timmies at midnight drunk makes for an incredibly embarassing morning.
trust your heart
avoid goldshlaager or whatever..especially after polishing off a bit of bacardi, 4 beers and umpteen countless coolers.
take note of who you call under influences
the coolness of drugs do wear off
traveling to a third world country is the biggest eye opener
you start to realize who your friends are
you do what you need to do
fall inlove
felt broken, and then felt saved
set up an entire church in just 2 hours
suffered severe heart ache
liked someone out of my leugue
I became a new person over the course of five years. I lived for my friends, myself and then for Jesus.. it was the bumpiest ride ever. I got rid of friends I thought i’d be with forever, I got hurt by the person i though I would marry, and i got closer to my other friends, to god and to myself.




  1. ❤ loveyou! excited to see what the rest of your life will bring! yay!

  2. you are such a strong person, and i am here for you whenever you feel that you need to be weak for a moment. you are so amazing and you are going to do wonderful things with your life i can feeel it!
    i love you bb! 🙂

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