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ew. i just burped and it tasted nasty.

hey readers:)

so summer has began. i cn tell because my laundry has piled up, i sleep till 11 most days, my hair is frizzy from the heat and i only eat one meal a day. and so far, that one meal has consisted of toast or mr.noodles…theres so much to do in summer! who eats?.. haha.
However, as much fun as im having staying up till 3 with sarah every night, taking on a strange liking to sour puss, liking a boy(not sure where thats going yet) i have myself a little bittle of a  pickle..   (that sounded cool in  my head)
I have nooo idea whats going on for me in September..and i need to decide…fast!
Right now.. im going to Georgian..most of you know i DONT want to go there, I chose there to be with Jeff, which wasnt a good idear.
2 of my oldest closest friends are going to schools with my programs..  very high rated programs. so i can skip ut to Fanshawe with Kris, which is where i wanted to go in the first place, or go to Peterburough.
I cn drop my first semester, re-apply and go to school for winter semester (without filling out any college tranfer forms which is about a million pages of death and drama) and work as a nanny in Barrie full time. Ive already had 2 offers!
so..what do you think? your thoughts and prayers are sooo valuable to me. you have no idea.



  1. im thinking peterborough.
    just for kicks and giggles.
    and me of course 🙂

    and be a nanny, they are cool. the nanny diaries is the greatest movie ever!

  2. I like the idea of you being a nanny:)

  3. taking the semester off would give you some time to pray and figure out for sure the direction you wanted to go….and make some moolah of course….and not move away:)

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