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The last time we spent time together was forever ago. I would help you lace up your skates every morning if you braided my hair. I remember swimming laps with you and you told me that you wanted to get a 6 pack by the end of the summer so that you could show up Skylar (and im pretty sure you won) You called me once in a while and sometimes i would call you…until the phone bill was a liiiittle bit to much.   I still can’t comprehend why it had to be you. You are a wonderful person. Even when you were in a bad mood, if your skates were to small, if Michael was a jerk…you always found something positive to bring up. I wish i had more photos of you. The only one I really have, we are sitting on a waterslide at Wasaga Waterworld and we both look ridiculous. I think it was the first summer I was allowed a two piece bathing suit, which i remember you and Dawn would always make fun of me for.  What a great time we had. I know you are partying it up with the big man as we speak, because you were practically a walking party. I know you wouldn’t want us to feel bad and celebrate the life you lived, you were such an amazing girl and touched so many lives. Miss you even more.

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