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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Hi 14-year old Sare, it’s 19-year old Sare. I’m here to offer you some advice you shouldve taken. Don’t roll your eyes like you do when mom gets mad at you, put down your black phone and listen (dont worry, you still have that phone a few years down the road)

First of all, can I say how fabulous you look? KEEP SKATING! Do not, i mean do not! listen to Laura and let her convince you to play fun is it is..the concussions and broken wrist you get in grade 10 could be avoided if you stay figure skating. it also keeps the weight away!

Know what else puts on the pounds? Alcohol. I’m not saying don’t partake, just don’t partake every single weekend to the point where you dont even want to look at certain types of alcohol later in life.

And while we’re talking about alcohol, I’m not going to lecture you on that because you do end up fairly responsible. But if you remember anything about this topic, remember this: Even if Jello shooters seem cool, you cant even eat jello straight up without being sick, nevermind with the help of booze in it.

Don’t forget that high school is actually important. as fun as you will have slacking in grade 9 and 10, when grade 11 hits i know how swamped you will feel.

Your first job is 2 months away! Country Style is a groosss place but youll meet amazing friends there, and gaina ctually a lot of much as i dont want to admit it.

You’re going to meet a ton of people. Some awesome, some not. your friends are going to play alot of stunts on you, even when your 19. Around 16 youll realize you have amazing friends, and as far out as it sounds..your going to help launch a church one day..weird eh?
Try to avoid the mean girls though. the ones wearing dolce and gabana..ugg boots.. the whole works

Yeah, Ugg boots. They look exactly how they sound.

Your going to have your heart played with a bit, but its end up being hurt, then falling for someone totally different and out of your leauge.. but its all in the
You get loads of fun experiences.. Going to Guatemala (you meet your bestfriend on the plane!) You decide you want to be a teacher, you think your going to one college..the you switch


If nothing else, savor every minute of the next few years. They’re going to fly by. Before you know it, you’ll be on the verge of the big 2-0.

Don’t forget who you were and appreciate who you’ve become.

Life is going to be pretty good.




not quite..

Life is sooo frustrating right now im just about to POP! EXPLODE! KABAM! I really cannot describe it in reasonable, mature form.  In just 24 hours its felt like I lost 3 of my bestfriends, chances are if i keep up with what ive been doing i might just loose the fourth.
I just wish life could do exactly the way I want. (Isnt that everyones wish?) As much as I hate to say it, I dont even know whats going on, i feel like ive been praying to a brick wall, (or whatever my bedroom wall is.. certainly not brick) It feels like my prayers just bounce off the walls and into my trash can, like the only one hearing them is George my little dog who sits on my bed and stares at me like im crazy.

my life is so boring

mixed up  :S

Been a rough roller-coaster like, couple of weeks. Psychology is finally done, i got a 77%, which isnt to bad. I start my placement at the Barrie Adult Learning Center/Dissability Centre on Monday. Should be good, great way to gain some experience and earn some extra cash.
I went up to Peterborough to start to get a feel for what its going to be like in September. It was a bit overwhelming, I saw rez and what my room will be like. I bought some decorations and new bed stuff.. my room is tiny! see photos on facebook for details. Its going to be great though! Im thinking of taking up tennis! ( ive been playing with Vik for a bit over the past couple weeks, its addicting!) and playing for fun up there, ive made a few great friends and ofcourse, ive got gilly! Ive also already bought my ticket home for the first weekend in September 🙂

I miss my best friend however. I havent seen her in 3 weeks. I thought this new relationship would be good for her, but she spends… alot of time with him.. i really miss her, and i find myself making time to hangout with her..and then sitting and waiting all night.. and it never happens. I only have a few weeks left here..

well, my past 2 days have been nothing short of currently sitting in a london coffee shoppie with my good friend dee. We road tripped it to help Dee move into her new apartment, I forgot how wonderful and busy yet.. plain london is.  Lots of fun life, but odd little places to sit and be chill. anyway, on with the frustrations. My laptop, is being impossible. It works wonderfully in London but does not co-operate at home. I cant get on internet, run any programs.. nothing! so weird! Im having some troubles fighting this “boy” battle (if you can call it a battle…more like a “hey sare, gain some confidence and go talk!haha) and im still bruuuutally nervous about moving. Bought some totes to pack yesterday–moving day is in 40 days!

wow. its been so long, i was turning into piercy and tracey– who go years without updating 😛

aaaanyway. up and down weekend.. went to the drive in for the first time this summer last night with some good friends, had some laughs with tracey at 2am, had a great time at church this morning. Great to see Sarah home from Africa 🙂
Little on the frstrated side with the crush-on-boy factor.  However, thats a story for another time.

I made a friend 🙂 from Fleming. A big thing i was scared of was not meeting any christians in Peteroburough. Alot of my friends who have gone away to school got lost in the party scene and lost God completely. This girl asked me to go church hunting with her, and shes even in the same rez building as me 🙂

i know things are starting to look up…  somehow.

A while back, I had a super cool tight nit church fam..  not from connexus or trinity  but another church in barrie. We all kinda fell out and yeah you know, the awkward hello’s once in a while. One of my closest friends got married a year ago, got to go to the reception on a fluke…i ran into her mom at walmart between the wedding and the reception and she invited me… but one thing that really hurt? I logged into facebook tonight, and saw that one of my oldest closest friends is getting married…tomorrow! Im really upset that falling-outs happen between friends. I wish you all the best Jenna! congrats.

A while ago my good good buddy Pat Drybrugh got me hooked on this twitter thing. I went back and read all my updates and thought it would be fun if I had a little review of how weird and up and down the past 2 months have been. Sit back and Enjoy!

May 18th- first trip to Ottawa.
May 23rd – Cindy came home from hospital 🙂
May 27th – spent the entire day reading blue like jazz and tuesdays with morrie ( my 2 fave books!)
May 31st- Goodbye party for Jessie as she leaves for Africa
June 1st- slept for 15 hours. wow…beauty
June 2nd- first worship practice as worship leader-woo!
June 4th- First time working at the Connexus office
June 7th- first wasaga trip..first reeally bad sunburn (they call it the plum)
June 8th- Connexus takes on Bracebridge, roady trip with Jenn Bailey, Nadine and Julia!
June 11th- Have my heartbroken. Piercy and Tracey waste no time getting to my house at midnight. what great best friends.
June 15th- brought SOSH back after 3 years
June 16th- jeff and i call’r off for good.
June 17th- put in a college transfer
June 18th- booked a flight to calgary!
June 19th- wrote my last high school exam and got baptised.
June 21st – prayed literally all day. discovered a new “crush” weird.
June 24th- made my first strawberry daquiri
June 25th- was made “Connexus Hero of The Week”
June 26th- secrets out! (haha, thanks piercy 🙂 )
July 1st- celebrated Canada day drinking sourpuss in the middle of the lake. anxious about a certain email? hahaha. i write what the twitter says!
July 3rd- Jessie arrives home from Africa
July 5th- 15 minutes of sleep, church at 5:30 am and a sweeeet turn off the stars show in toronto with piercy and jeff. not to mention 2:30 am falafel
July 9th- out go the wisdom teeth!
July 10th- confirmed that i would be movin to peterburough in September
currently wondering why i spend so long writing this.

ive been inspired! by chicken soup for the teeange soul 3.

Dear Boy,
I haven’t met you yet but I will. I know I have to be patient and that when the time is right, God will find a way for me to meet you, but you’ll have to understand.. Im very impatient 🙂
Please know that when I’m faced with someone I like I get reallly nervous . And that the reason I’m not talking isn’t because of you. And that the reason I’m so quiet isn’t because I’m bored. I’m probably afraid I will say some ridiculuos and embarass myself.
I pray that you will look and see your girl, not just one of your friends. I want you to know me and like me for who I am. Sometimes I’m known for being sarcastic and im trying to change that but I hope my words wont make you walk away. And that when I’m having a hard day, I hope that instead of loading me with kisses and questions, you just hold my hand and smile, and tell me it will be ok.

I hope that you will know my favourite color’s yellow. And that my favourite type of flower isn’t the stereotypical Rose but the orchid. And that unlike most girl’s, I hate diamonds. I hope that you will know I don’t want you to buy me anything, Honestly.

I dont like break-ups. Ive been through 2 in my life that were major. My next relationship, I want to last, I dont want heartache anymore. I want to work out fights, I dont want to go to bed angry, and I want to be with you for a long time. I will wait ten years if I have to find you and get to know you if that’s what it takes.

Please know that just because I don’t say it outloud I still love you. I might not text you a million times a day, call you just to tell you that or plaster it all over your facebook wall, but when we do fall inlove, i will love you, and you will know.

Forgive me if I forget anything. I will try to remember everything you tell me. But please know that just because I don’t remember everything you say, I will remember you. If you need to go somewhere, because its where you heart is leading you, go. I will either go with you, or i will take the distance. God will bring us back together when the time is right.

Im sorry im awkward and dont know how to end this letter. but..   end 🙂

Love love love

heres a look see of what ill be living in.. classy eh? haha
its not that great of a photo, but the two black squares at the front are the kitchen and living room, the blue is the 2 bathrooms and the yellow squares are the six rooms. I filled out my roomate questionairre today so im excited to meet the 5 people ill be spending September-April with. I want lots of photos and lots of my friends visiting. Im so scared to leave and so excited to come home