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So my summer has got off to a bustly start. Since Jeff and I broke up ive only really slept..2 or 3 hours a night and ive kept myself occupied pretty well that ive only really eaten once or twice a day.
That being said.. I woke up this morning feeling completely lousy. No voice, sore all over, I had to beg myself to get out of bed..aaaaand
I started my phsychology and sociology classes today. Its really really fast. One 6 hour class represents a week of class 😐 I have a test tomorrow and a paper due in by Friday. Its a university prepatory class and the Teacher is a former Laurentian prof who takes no crap.
I think, i am 100% stressed to the max.
prayers are sooo neeeeded.


_____ Jessie comes home tomorrow 🙂


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