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Well, its Finally friday and i am 110% thankful this week is over. Had a great weekend last weekend, and it ended way to quickly.. Wednesday came and I began my classes and by last night I was totally dead. I also nearly concussed myself falling off a chair and hitting my head on a desk. For those who count, that would of been Sare Concussion number 4.  It actually could of been bad, but nothing 5 advil cant fix.So my weekend is looking snazzy.. Innisdale class of 07 reunion tonight!:) It’s only been a year and were gathering already! Lunch date with my best friend whom i havent hung out with in THREE DAYS! (those of you who know sarah and i know we dont go a day without seeing eachother), followed by seeing Andy and Tots play with Piercy, Kyle and Jeff then off to an early sunday morning (the usual) lunch with my biffie who just got home from Africa then meeting the kids i will be nannying in the fall.



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