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ive been inspired! by chicken soup for the teeange soul 3.

Dear Boy,
I haven’t met you yet but I will. I know I have to be patient and that when the time is right, God will find a way for me to meet you, but you’ll have to understand.. Im very impatient 🙂
Please know that when I’m faced with someone I like I get reallly nervous . And that the reason I’m not talking isn’t because of you. And that the reason I’m so quiet isn’t because I’m bored. I’m probably afraid I will say some ridiculuos and embarass myself.
I pray that you will look and see your girl, not just one of your friends. I want you to know me and like me for who I am. Sometimes I’m known for being sarcastic and im trying to change that but I hope my words wont make you walk away. And that when I’m having a hard day, I hope that instead of loading me with kisses and questions, you just hold my hand and smile, and tell me it will be ok.

I hope that you will know my favourite color’s yellow. And that my favourite type of flower isn’t the stereotypical Rose but the orchid. And that unlike most girl’s, I hate diamonds. I hope that you will know I don’t want you to buy me anything, Honestly.

I dont like break-ups. Ive been through 2 in my life that were major. My next relationship, I want to last, I dont want heartache anymore. I want to work out fights, I dont want to go to bed angry, and I want to be with you for a long time. I will wait ten years if I have to find you and get to know you if that’s what it takes.

Please know that just because I don’t say it outloud I still love you. I might not text you a million times a day, call you just to tell you that or plaster it all over your facebook wall, but when we do fall inlove, i will love you, and you will know.

Forgive me if I forget anything. I will try to remember everything you tell me. But please know that just because I don’t remember everything you say, I will remember you. If you need to go somewhere, because its where you heart is leading you, go. I will either go with you, or i will take the distance. God will bring us back together when the time is right.

Im sorry im awkward and dont know how to end this letter. but..   end 🙂

Love love love


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