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A while ago my good good buddy Pat Drybrugh got me hooked on this twitter thing. I went back and read all my updates and thought it would be fun if I had a little review of how weird and up and down the past 2 months have been. Sit back and Enjoy!

May 18th- first trip to Ottawa.
May 23rd – Cindy came home from hospital 🙂
May 27th – spent the entire day reading blue like jazz and tuesdays with morrie ( my 2 fave books!)
May 31st- Goodbye party for Jessie as she leaves for Africa
June 1st- slept for 15 hours. wow…beauty
June 2nd- first worship practice as worship leader-woo!
June 4th- First time working at the Connexus office
June 7th- first wasaga trip..first reeally bad sunburn (they call it the plum)
June 8th- Connexus takes on Bracebridge, roady trip with Jenn Bailey, Nadine and Julia!
June 11th- Have my heartbroken. Piercy and Tracey waste no time getting to my house at midnight. what great best friends.
June 15th- brought SOSH back after 3 years
June 16th- jeff and i call’r off for good.
June 17th- put in a college transfer
June 18th- booked a flight to calgary!
June 19th- wrote my last high school exam and got baptised.
June 21st – prayed literally all day. discovered a new “crush” weird.
June 24th- made my first strawberry daquiri
June 25th- was made “Connexus Hero of The Week”
June 26th- secrets out! (haha, thanks piercy 🙂 )
July 1st- celebrated Canada day drinking sourpuss in the middle of the lake. anxious about a certain email? hahaha. i write what the twitter says!
July 3rd- Jessie arrives home from Africa
July 5th- 15 minutes of sleep, church at 5:30 am and a sweeeet turn off the stars show in toronto with piercy and jeff. not to mention 2:30 am falafel
July 9th- out go the wisdom teeth!
July 10th- confirmed that i would be movin to peterburough in September
currently wondering why i spend so long writing this.


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