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wow. its been so long, i was turning into piercy and tracey– who go years without updating 😛

aaaanyway. up and down weekend.. went to the drive in for the first time this summer last night with some good friends, had some laughs with tracey at 2am, had a great time at church this morning. Great to see Sarah home from Africa 🙂
Little on the frstrated side with the crush-on-boy factor.  However, thats a story for another time.

I made a friend 🙂 from Fleming. A big thing i was scared of was not meeting any christians in Peteroburough. Alot of my friends who have gone away to school got lost in the party scene and lost God completely. This girl asked me to go church hunting with her, and shes even in the same rez building as me 🙂

i know things are starting to look up…  somehow.


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