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mixed up  :S

Been a rough roller-coaster like, couple of weeks. Psychology is finally done, i got a 77%, which isnt to bad. I start my placement at the Barrie Adult Learning Center/Dissability Centre on Monday. Should be good, great way to gain some experience and earn some extra cash.
I went up to Peterborough to start to get a feel for what its going to be like in September. It was a bit overwhelming, I saw rez and what my room will be like. I bought some decorations and new bed stuff.. my room is tiny! see photos on facebook for details. Its going to be great though! Im thinking of taking up tennis! ( ive been playing with Vik for a bit over the past couple weeks, its addicting!) and playing for fun up there, ive made a few great friends and ofcourse, ive got gilly! Ive also already bought my ticket home for the first weekend in September 🙂

I miss my best friend however. I havent seen her in 3 weeks. I thought this new relationship would be good for her, but she spends… alot of time with him.. i really miss her, and i find myself making time to hangout with her..and then sitting and waiting all night.. and it never happens. I only have a few weeks left here..


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  1. bb! (L)
    september will be fun! you will seee.
    love youu.

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