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not quite..

Life is sooo frustrating right now im just about to POP! EXPLODE! KABAM! I really cannot describe it in reasonable, mature form.  In just 24 hours its felt like I lost 3 of my bestfriends, chances are if i keep up with what ive been doing i might just loose the fourth.
I just wish life could do exactly the way I want. (Isnt that everyones wish?) As much as I hate to say it, I dont even know whats going on, i feel like ive been praying to a brick wall, (or whatever my bedroom wall is.. certainly not brick) It feels like my prayers just bounce off the walls and into my trash can, like the only one hearing them is George my little dog who sits on my bed and stares at me like im crazy.


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  1. bb! (L) please be happy. you havent lost me! and you wont! 🙂 promise! it will be okay. everything will be okay! it will all work out. i do wish life would go exaclty the way i want it and the way you want it. and one day you will have the life you want! and it will be perfectly the way you want it to be 🙂 i lvoe you, i always will.


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