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Hi 14-year old Sare, it’s 19-year old Sare. I’m here to offer you some advice you shouldve taken. Don’t roll your eyes like you do when mom gets mad at you, put down your black phone and listen (dont worry, you still have that phone a few years down the road)

First of all, can I say how fabulous you look? KEEP SKATING! Do not, i mean do not! listen to Laura and let her convince you to play fun is it is..the concussions and broken wrist you get in grade 10 could be avoided if you stay figure skating. it also keeps the weight away!

Know what else puts on the pounds? Alcohol. I’m not saying don’t partake, just don’t partake every single weekend to the point where you dont even want to look at certain types of alcohol later in life.

And while we’re talking about alcohol, I’m not going to lecture you on that because you do end up fairly responsible. But if you remember anything about this topic, remember this: Even if Jello shooters seem cool, you cant even eat jello straight up without being sick, nevermind with the help of booze in it.

Don’t forget that high school is actually important. as fun as you will have slacking in grade 9 and 10, when grade 11 hits i know how swamped you will feel.

Your first job is 2 months away! Country Style is a groosss place but youll meet amazing friends there, and gaina ctually a lot of much as i dont want to admit it.

You’re going to meet a ton of people. Some awesome, some not. your friends are going to play alot of stunts on you, even when your 19. Around 16 youll realize you have amazing friends, and as far out as it sounds..your going to help launch a church one day..weird eh?
Try to avoid the mean girls though. the ones wearing dolce and gabana..ugg boots.. the whole works

Yeah, Ugg boots. They look exactly how they sound.

Your going to have your heart played with a bit, but its end up being hurt, then falling for someone totally different and out of your leauge.. but its all in the
You get loads of fun experiences.. Going to Guatemala (you meet your bestfriend on the plane!) You decide you want to be a teacher, you think your going to one college..the you switch


If nothing else, savor every minute of the next few years. They’re going to fly by. Before you know it, you’ll be on the verge of the big 2-0.

Don’t forget who you were and appreciate who you’ve become.

Life is going to be pretty good.




One Comment

  1. you make me smile so much!
    and im proud to call you my best friend!
    i love you bb! (L)

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