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The first “word” that came out of my mouth, before mom or dad was Bunky. On the way to the hospital when I was born my mom was involved in a small car accident and the police officer gave her this bear to give to me when I was born, and since I was born hes never left my sight! When i was little, he came to school with me, and sat in my backpack until about grade 3. Then, he sat on my bed. In high school i kind of forgot about my bear. Yesterday packing up my stuff, I saw Bunky under the bed and instantly remembered when I was younger, and Bunky used to fall off my bed. I would cry and scream because i thought he was missing. Ive decided to bring Bunky to college with me. Everything is going to be different, but ill always have the silly bear.



    • savingsmilesforyouu
    • Posted August 7, 2008 at 8:47 pm
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    i have a cow like this.
    although i was never in an accident. but ive had the cow forever.. and i used to carry it everywhere with me.. and it has always been on my bed, still is now. and it is also coming college with me 🙂 its name is quack.

  1. Hey!!!
    I saw your blog, and I added it to my blogroll. But my friends and I share a blog. not an interesting one but still a blog.

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