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Effective August 21st 2008 “Thoughts on Thinking” will be changed to “Petetown Adventures” woo!

the last four days i have been at my house, with nothing to do but think, and I am now fully aware that in 2 weeks I Sarah-Elizsabeth Rathwell Martin am a)going on a plane to see people ive never met before b)finally getting to see the Blackmans after years c) Moving, and going to college.

everything is going to change, and for some reason i’m scared, everything has been the same way for a while now. and i’m not sure im ready for it, quite yet.
or i just think im not ready.

i just can’t stop thinking about what im going to do! Am i going to like college? will i stick to my goals? am i actually going to be a teacher?

i just can’t decide.

so, i just want to say, i’m sorry if i’m acting strange lately.
i’m just really confused.
and everything is just too much.
i’m going to miss my friends too much that are going to schools farther away…or staying at home.

I do have good news however

Gillian Macdonald will be with me every step of the way! 🙂 I saw her today and i was instantly reminded of how easy it is to laugh when shes around. My best friend is absolutley amazing and hillarious, and i cant wait to move with her!

So i wish everyone luck in the fall and i will remember all the good times we had, all the good parties we had, all the crazy sundays we had.
and we better never lose contact, cause i love every single one of you, and i don’t want to picture my life without you guys..

and i’m DEAD serious about that.

sarah, out!


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