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this is the post i wrote on the plane on the way here. youll notice alot of my riducluous humor. hah

(ps, this was written friday night, but i havent had wireless from my laptop to post it until now)

Hello from flight 625 from Toronto to Clagary! I am currently writing this on the plane but there is no wireless so when you read this i will already be nestled in Alberta! Todays inflight movies are Kungfu Panda, What happens in Vegas, Iron Man and Prince Caspian. Had no big problems getting through security, except that i had a v8 in my carryon( you know my love for tomato juice!) and that wasnt allowed, so i just tipped her back and chugged it! Time for take off! Hopefully my ears dont hurt! on the way to guatemala they hurt so bad, and this time i dont even have any gum! (PS Carissa i took a photo of the moving sidewalks in the airport! haha)
So now ive been on the plane for a while. I watched the show Ï know my kids a star”(goood ole reality tv) had a nap, a glass of pepsi and a glass of tomato juice (addicted!) So now im just rockin out to Chris Tomlin, enjoying the flight and all. Hoping all is well in Ontario, going to miss connexus on sunday 😦
Ps thought id let you, im in Minnesota right now, heading towards North Dakota, then Saskatchewan then Alberta! Im also 37111 feet off the ground!
-AAAAAAND IM HERE! its 10:25(weird./.. i thought i left at 9..yet, it was a 3 hour plan ride? hahahaha) Looking forward to seeing Luke tomorrow! ttyl


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