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* Go camping
* Figure September out.
* Bury someone in the sand
* Try something new.
* Watch The sunset on the beach
* Roast marshmallows on a bon fire
* Walk in the rain
* Float in the lake in an innertube
* Get a fun summer job
* Go boating
* Go to toronto for shopping
* Go on behemoth
* Go paddle boating
* Go to the beach with a picnic
* Have a classic movie night out with friends
* spend a day in the pool
* Learn to drive a standard (properly..)
* Get outrageously burnt.
* Play backgammon outdoors somewhere
*Spend an entire day playing dutch blitz
* Go somewhere exciting for a weekend with friends before college
* Learn how to play Boston by Augustana on the piano
*Run through sprinklers
* Lay on the roof
* Go to an Art Gallery
* Make a masterpiece out of Chalk


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