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I was already registered for georgian 6 months ago. i had the option of staying in Barrie and being completely content living at home. but nooooo, miss independant decided she wanted to come out of her shell NOW instead of a year or so ago when i needed it and change colleges.
Not that im having an awful time. Ive made some friends, Ive been with Gillian every night and i cant say enough how thankful i am to have my bestfriend with me, we go out on adventures together, starbucks, make 9 square meals a day, go to the gym.
But as terrific as i am at hiding how homesick and upset i am, im feelin it…and its killer.
So maybe i should of just stayed in Barrie. People back home dont even feel like friends to me anymore. I text them, call them, email them, msn them… never any answer. It feels like because sare is gone, they arent even bothering with me anymore. it hurts so bad.


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