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Ah. So much tension in my body is causing me to just. freak out.

When I was little I went to this cute little church in Elmvale. It was the best. Great worship, grest message, great fellowship, awesome friends, but something about that church my grandma didnt like, so i lost all my friends there, and we went to trinity. now, my grandma doesnt like trinity because its all “in the past” alot of my friends dont like connexus because its to modern, or they didnt enjoy it one time.

But why? any church, is run by the same person, and they believe in the same thing. It’s all about God, not because you didnt get along with one person, or you didnt like one single thing about it.
After the heartbreak series, I erally want to understand what truly breaks God’s heart. Don’t you think that bitterness towards all his children and his church brings him so much pain?
My one thing about the world that i dont get is why everyone is so angry at everyone. i just dont understand.


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