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for less than 24 hours. im wearing my moms trackpants with a towel turban after having a hot bath sitting on my couch in my living room in my home in barrie.
not peterborough.
i suprised my best friend tonight. i got her boyfriend to bring her over to pick up some stuff she had left here, and when she came into my room to get her stuff i jumped up! I wanted to cry right then and there. We walked to macs, walked to scotts, walked around the subdivision. thats what barrie is..its my home.. i walk to the convenience store at unconvenient hours of the night. Im with sarah, 24/7, and I take baths and sleep in my big warm bed, and i never have problems sleeping.
Im trying to think of all these clever ways to not go bck to peterborough.
i wish i could stay
today while driving my friend john and i were tlking and he asked me if i thought i would go home when i was done my degree.

and i want to.
really badly.
is this what ill always be like? i mean, i know im a mamas girl. but this is pathetic. i think


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    • savingsmilesforyouu
    • Posted September 14, 2008 at 2:41 pm
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    not pathetic!
    i wish i could go home.
    i dont like it here!
    i am such a mamma’s girl!
    i like being at my home better then here!
    and if john were to ask me if i were going home after i get a degreee i would say you;re darn right i am!
    i misss my mommm!

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