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im not kidding, it was that great.
Jessie, Carissa, Russ, John and Jordan pulled in at 8pm on Friday night, John bought me a lovely housewarming gift, 2 fish named Frodo and Freddy. We went to wild wings, the peterborough zoo, all around peterborough and to the movies. I decided to go home with them so that i couuld suprise my connexus fam, and my own fam.
Today was amazing. I went to bed last night thinking that i was going to sleep late, and go to the late service with my family, but it was almost like i couldnt. I woke up on my own (which i rarely do) at 6:30am and couldnt fall back asleep, so i woke up my mom and asked her to drive me to church so i could help set up. I somehow was talked into helping small group lead and doing worship.
and i was so happy..  leading worship for those kids is such a privledge i didnt realize until today. Seeing them all dance and worship and knowing that I helped them on their walk with God this summer is so remarkable to me. I wish i could spend this year with them, kidding around and dancing and singing with them. Every kid that i have a personal friendship with from pre kindergarten to my inside out girls were shocked and so happy to see me, and the feelings were 110% mutual.

Im so glad i got to see my friends this weekend. Making pancakes, being ridiculous and just sitting back and enjoying our friendship is already missed so much.


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