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ok. ive just chugged back a venti nonfat extra hot carmel macciato and full of caffine and ready to tell you all about why my life has been so crappy, then changed right around. Most of the people who read my blog knew about the person I had liked, who i thought had liked me back, didnt work out the way i expected it too. Im hurt and not sure I want to talk to this person, for fear of falling again. So, i know you know who you are, even though you like to pretend like you dont, but i wish we couldve talked a bit, and im not sure how i feel about being mature and friendly, even though i promised we would be. luckily, im pretty sure you are completely unaware of my blog. and even if you are, its how i feel.
moving on.
Things up here in the peteypatch are bumpy, but ok. Ive made good friends with one of the guys next door and really good friends with 3 of my roomates. were having a lot of drama with theft and food stealing, and cleanliness. hoping things there can be sorted out.  This is one of the busiest weeks in the semester, mid-term time. Many assignments due and many tests, causing many..stress. lol. praying i make it!
Really fidning out who my friends are, justin and tracey just spurr of the moment came flying up here to visit a couple weekends ago, gillian can make it down the street in record time whenever i need a hug and sarah sneaks behind her moms back to call me long distance whenever she can. Aside from that i get many facebook msgs and emails from my good friends. Most just saying “love you, or praying for you or miss you!” love those!! thank you all so much for being so terrific. I know with my life being so ridiculous and me of all people do not handle change and emotions well, so you guys are troopers. so awesome!
God is really showing me how much he loves me, misses me and wants me as his daughter. He is showing exceptional grace and patience. So admirable and loving, im trying really hard to find my way back.

love you all!




  1. yay sare! plus thats about the longest way I’ve ever heard someone describe a fancy “coffee” (I know you will freak from me calling it a coffee) But you used 33 letters! wow!

  2. sare i love you and am always praying for you
    can’t wait to see you at christmas
    ❤ !

  3. and only justin would actually count how many letters! Dear Sare! I friggin miss you and i love you so much! i dont know how you’re doing this!!! Can’t wait to see you again!

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