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I cant believe 2 days ago i hated the internet so strongly, and since saying i dont want to blog, ive been itching to do it. in the past 2 days, just spending time with God it feels like even when i protest and tell him that after ive done so many wrongs and that i feel like i dont deserve his love and happiness, he just is screaming i love you! lean on me! its like a massive spritual slap in the face.
I went to see Cindy Morris today. She has been my mom’s best friend since my mother became a christian and like a second mother to me. I call her mom and I even consider Kayla, Alyssa and Kyle close family. After all shes been through, five surgeries in the past like, couple months, hours and hours of rehabilitation, and almost dying in itself, shes happy. She finds the energy to already do her christmas shopping (and wrap it, i may add!) cook dinner, and go to her kids schools for open houses and meetings. She is so brave and strong and seeing Cindys miracle right before my eyes is THE reason I believe today in Christ. I asked 3 people for prayer this week. 3 people. and i feel like the world has.
If your some random (because i learnt how to check who reads my blog..alot of people do!) or even if your justin (because he reads my blog rougly 10 times a day..hahaha) tracey or pat or any of my other friends.. THANK YOOU! i love you guys.
I even have begun to miss peterborough a little bit this week. I miss my roomates for sure, and im hoping to clear up the boy mess. I had a coffee with Jeff (the ex factor) and you know, i think its what was bugging me..not knowing where i stood in jeffs life… friend, enemy, evil ex girlfriend. Im happy to say, although awkward at first, i know our friendship is going to work out. hopefully life is going to stay this great, i appreciate my friends in ridiculous amounts. much love! 🙂



  1. That’s awesome, Sare. Cindy is friggin’ amazing, and you can tell her I said that. I wish so bad I could come visit her and the kids. I’m glad you had the chance to!

    I hope you keep blogging. Makes me feel connected!

  2. 11 times

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