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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Hey guys!

myself, along with my church Connexus ( are raising money for the “Malaria Bites” campaign with the Canadian Red Cross.

Donating just $7 dollars can purchase a net, to save a childs life, and protect them from malaria in Africa.
We are hoping to purchase alltogether 1500 nets for the children living in Liberia, Africa.

Please pray, and consider sponsoring myself, or someone on the Connexus team. You can follow the steps by clicking on this link
or contacting me at

please join us on the fight against malaria.

Thanks so much – you all rock!

Sare ❤


No more lives torn apart
 wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown up christmas list

Im so excited for this upcoming weekend! Im leaving here (peterborough) at 2:45 on Thursday, with 2 of my roomates. Were spending all Friday at the Georgian Mall (anyone care to come? trace?) and all Saturday at horseshoe valley, im teaching them how to ski :D! Skiing in the winter is one of my favourite things to do. Im so happy to get out at the beginning of the season 😀 Then Sunday, off to Connexus. Im hoping and praying that maybe God can do some amazing stuff in my roomates lives. They are actually so curious and excited about Sunday. Hope to see all you guys this weekend 🙂

If theres one thing ive been trying to figure out, its why God gives so graciously, but can be so quick to take it away.

I thought after that weekend, “Ok, im perfect Christian girl Sarah now..and this time she’s here to stay!:D oh gosh golly gee wiz thats super”

yeah, fat chance.

Once I was back at school I was back swearin like a trucker on a bad day, sippin the ole h20 for college kids, not doing assignments. yeah sare, really christian of you.
However I ended up going out for lunch with my mom and having an actual “adult like” chat. I told her about my dream of “Perfect Christian Girl sarah” and current Sarah.  She asked me why i came home.
(ps there was a reason for everyone i told i just “came home for fun” but thats for another day, i will spill though) and I told her about how God had blessed and given me so much, and then BAM! gone. No more happiness anymore.

I realized, why do i deserve things, when im breaking God’s heart? If he’s hurting, I think i deserve every amount of hurt I feel.

So.. Lesson learned. If I want my happiness back, how about showing God I care once in a while

boy. eye openers are tough.

im going to bible college next year

🙂 …  stay tuned!

1.) go to the craft store & let your mind run wild.
make something unique & excellent.

2.) look at yourself in the mirror, naked.
name 5 parts of your that are beautiful.
(ex: the freckle on your hip, the scar across your nose.)

3.) go for a walk outside with a few plastic bags.
collect things from your walk:found notes, interesting leaves, old bones, etc.
& make a field guide to your neighborhood.

4.) think about two people you think you feel you should apologize to.
write them a short letter apologizing.
you can give it to them or bury it in the ground.

5.) think about two people (or more) you feel you deserve apologizes from.
forgive them.

6.) look for a story in the newspaper that would usually make your heart sink.
re-write the story with an alternate ending that would make your heart swell.

7.) instead of thinking of how he/she broke your heart,
think about how they helped your heart grow.
your heart is a muscle & with each tear it becomes stronger.

8.) think & observe in 15 word sentences for a day.
write them down.

9.) compliment each person you speak to today.

10.) look in the mirror & smile.
show all your teeth.
smile because you are alive & because you can do anything.

I spent my weekend at a retreat. Ive been going to this retreat since I was 15, so when the oppurtunity popped up a couple months ago, to actually go behind the scenes and help plan, and lead the retreat i jumped it right away. As lots of you know, details or no details, i hit a rocky patch a couple weeks ago, and so i wasnt sure if i should be heading down to Kitchener this past friday to help lead a group of 15 year old girls, when i wasnt sure if i had a strong belief in anything anymore.
Boy did God not like that idea. I was assigned to sit in the prayer room friday night and I wasnt so sure about it, I didnt know if people were going to want to talk, or what even my purpose there was, but 5 girls came in to see me and just asked me to pray for them, for no reason. And i prayed the identical prayer that was prayed for me during my first i.e retreat. I couldnt believe it when i began to see myself in these girls. So lost, so clueless to God’s wonders. When they left i spent some time sitting in prayer, thinking of the times God has revealed himself to me and i passed it by. Then it dawned on me! I suffer from crazy, painful migranes, 2-3 times a week. I had one friday morning and honest, i sat in the bathroom at the event and literally said “God, i have no advil. I feel silly asking you this but, can you heal my headache so that i can be a witness to these girls tonight?” so, sitting in the prayer room, few hours later, and the light comes on..”Hey, my headache.. is gone!”
God has worked, such incredible ways in my life. Things i have been so blind too. He saved my good friend Cindy’s life, rescued a friend from depression, brought me a fantastic education.
He takes away i will admit, but what he gives back.. is so much more.

[ps.. im in Barrie! 🙂 everybody who’s somebody better be at barrie campus on sunday morning! 🙂 ], when i first moved to peterborough, i didnt sleep for a week. seriously. i thought maybe it was because it was a new atmosphere, new bed, new blankets and sheets ( hate the feeling of new crisp sheets), i waited it out for a few weeks, and since the begining of september, i havent really been sleeping. I feel tired, all of the time but i cannot sleep–at all. I thought it was my computer so i took it out of my room. then i removed my cellphone aswell. I just lay awake for hours and before i know it, its morning. At most i squeeze in, 3 hours a night, on a good night anyway.
Last night i found myself hitting the hay at 3am. An early time for me, actually.  I woke up around 5:40, and i was awake, but i couldnt move, or breathe for what felt like forever and ended up throwing up (sorry for the graphic..ness) apparently it was sleep paralysis? freaky.
Im kind of scared? Should I..go to the doctors? Like..  i dont even know what to tell my mom. bah.

I know you hear me. For some reason i tried hiding from you. For 2 whole months, I pretended to believe that if i didn’t think about you, you weren’t thinking about me. But you were
My grandma gave me a new bible. I have 3 of the nicest bibles ever. My first bible, ripped pages, worn cover, scribbles inside of it “Babys first bible”, the pink one, my favourite bible from when i turned 16, and this new one “Where do i go from here”.
Where do i go from here?
How can you possibly still love me? I’ve been crying over everything. How ive turned against you, denied you, been mean to you, put you down. Lord, i even cry lately because my feet smell.
So youve taken me back.
With my new found strength, you want to help me.
You want to love me.
I want to love you.
I still love you.


ps. yes. from birth-16 i used babys first bible.