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I know you hear me. For some reason i tried hiding from you. For 2 whole months, I pretended to believe that if i didn’t think about you, you weren’t thinking about me. But you were
My grandma gave me a new bible. I have 3 of the nicest bibles ever. My first bible, ripped pages, worn cover, scribbles inside of it “Babys first bible”, the pink one, my favourite bible from when i turned 16, and this new one “Where do i go from here”.
Where do i go from here?
How can you possibly still love me? I’ve been crying over everything. How ive turned against you, denied you, been mean to you, put you down. Lord, i even cry lately because my feet smell.
So youve taken me back.
With my new found strength, you want to help me.
You want to love me.
I want to love you.
I still love you.


ps. yes. from birth-16 i used babys first bible.


One Comment

  1. i love you sarah
    and am so happy we are friends 🙂
    i miss you & cant wait till Christmastime 🙂
    im so happy that things are going better for you, i know things will start looking up for me eventually to!
    thanks for everything, you are an amazing friend ❤ !

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