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[ps.. im in Barrie! 🙂 everybody who’s somebody better be at barrie campus on sunday morning! 🙂 ], when i first moved to peterborough, i didnt sleep for a week. seriously. i thought maybe it was because it was a new atmosphere, new bed, new blankets and sheets ( hate the feeling of new crisp sheets), i waited it out for a few weeks, and since the begining of september, i havent really been sleeping. I feel tired, all of the time but i cannot sleep–at all. I thought it was my computer so i took it out of my room. then i removed my cellphone aswell. I just lay awake for hours and before i know it, its morning. At most i squeeze in, 3 hours a night, on a good night anyway.
Last night i found myself hitting the hay at 3am. An early time for me, actually.  I woke up around 5:40, and i was awake, but i couldnt move, or breathe for what felt like forever and ended up throwing up (sorry for the graphic..ness) apparently it was sleep paralysis? freaky.
Im kind of scared? Should I..go to the doctors? Like..  i dont even know what to tell my mom. bah.


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