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I spent my weekend at a retreat. Ive been going to this retreat since I was 15, so when the oppurtunity popped up a couple months ago, to actually go behind the scenes and help plan, and lead the retreat i jumped it right away. As lots of you know, details or no details, i hit a rocky patch a couple weeks ago, and so i wasnt sure if i should be heading down to Kitchener this past friday to help lead a group of 15 year old girls, when i wasnt sure if i had a strong belief in anything anymore.
Boy did God not like that idea. I was assigned to sit in the prayer room friday night and I wasnt so sure about it, I didnt know if people were going to want to talk, or what even my purpose there was, but 5 girls came in to see me and just asked me to pray for them, for no reason. And i prayed the identical prayer that was prayed for me during my first i.e retreat. I couldnt believe it when i began to see myself in these girls. So lost, so clueless to God’s wonders. When they left i spent some time sitting in prayer, thinking of the times God has revealed himself to me and i passed it by. Then it dawned on me! I suffer from crazy, painful migranes, 2-3 times a week. I had one friday morning and honest, i sat in the bathroom at the event and literally said “God, i have no advil. I feel silly asking you this but, can you heal my headache so that i can be a witness to these girls tonight?” so, sitting in the prayer room, few hours later, and the light comes on..”Hey, my headache.. is gone!”
God has worked, such incredible ways in my life. Things i have been so blind too. He saved my good friend Cindy’s life, rescued a friend from depression, brought me a fantastic education.
He takes away i will admit, but what he gives back.. is so much more.


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  1. I just happened upon your blog and want to just agree with you that God is so good at blessing us more than we could ever ask.

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