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If theres one thing ive been trying to figure out, its why God gives so graciously, but can be so quick to take it away.

I thought after that weekend, “Ok, im perfect Christian girl Sarah now..and this time she’s here to stay!:D oh gosh golly gee wiz thats super”

yeah, fat chance.

Once I was back at school I was back swearin like a trucker on a bad day, sippin the ole h20 for college kids, not doing assignments. yeah sare, really christian of you.
However I ended up going out for lunch with my mom and having an actual “adult like” chat. I told her about my dream of “Perfect Christian Girl sarah” and current Sarah.  She asked me why i came home.
(ps there was a reason for everyone i told i just “came home for fun” but thats for another day, i will spill though) and I told her about how God had blessed and given me so much, and then BAM! gone. No more happiness anymore.

I realized, why do i deserve things, when im breaking God’s heart? If he’s hurting, I think i deserve every amount of hurt I feel.

So.. Lesson learned. If I want my happiness back, how about showing God I care once in a while

boy. eye openers are tough.


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