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Monthly Archives: December 2008

– Get organized.

Its annoying to have to clean my dorm all the time just to find a textbook or something.

– Get a job.

Sitting around all first semester was fun, but the whole mula situation is becoming a biiit tragic.

– Learn something new.

Yodelling probably wont happen, but maybe a language? Learning to cook would be good too.

– Enjoy life more

Pretty self explanitory. I spent alot of the past 4 months feeling “rock bottomy” time to change that!

– More gym time!

I have a free membership to a gym and a pool. The reason i dont use it is… why?

– Eat Healthier

As much as i love powdered mashed potatoes and mr. noodles. i could probably go into cardiac arrest tomorrow. lol


I actually dont remember anything from the year. another good reason to a)blog b)twitter

January *

*Rang in the new year by learning how to snowmobile!
*Spent the first day of 2008 cleaning up hotel rooms at horseshoe resort. wooo
* I decide I should go to college, and not university. I decide to go to Centennial College, move to Toronto and have a sweet life there (starting in september)
* happy 19th birthday to me! I am now legal to drink in our wonderful province. woo?
*My mom’s best friend, and my second mother (corny, i know) is nearly killed by a school bus and is unconsious and in hospital in toronto for x amount of weeks. I remember telling God that if he helped Cindy through this, i would never ever deny him, ever again.ย 

February *

* My good friend Pat Dryburgh moves away back to London
* I decide to quit housekeeping to get an even crappier job, at the heights of horseshoe hanging around with little kids all day
* Cindy wakes up ๐Ÿ˜€ !
* Journey to Niagara Falls with Tracey, Justin and Jeff for our annaversary/valentines celebration. and just plain old fun ๐Ÿ™‚
* I decide that i need to home for college and accept a college offer in Orillia for September.

March *

* my mom drops the bomb that she’s dating her high school sweetheart, and they are planning on being married. I, am not impressed.ย 
* I also, out of the blue have a sister!
* Break up numero uno. Learning that being selfless once in a while, wont kill you
* Learnt to do my own taxes. Who knew an 18 dollar tax return would be so hard.
* I decide i absolutley hate church. and everything that has to go with it
* one of my childhood best friend dies. R.i.p mollydolly<3ย 

April *

* my mom decides to launch the thought that she wants to move to ottawa
* Begin working in a daycare for children who’s parents are on welfare
* Went to go visit Cindy in hospital in Orillia. First Time i saw her since the accident !
* I meet up with my birth fathers, brother on facebook. Ive never even met my own dad before, so meeting just one relative is amazing.ย 
* Sarah and I take a stand and somehow got the city of barrie to slightly clean up the naaasty park by our house (we like to think it was us, anyway)
* I start my blog!
* Signed a lease on a house for Sarah, Elle and I to live in. Returned the papers about a week later.
* Talked to my dad on the phone for the first time, ever. He denied he was my dad and hung up.ย 

May *

* I go to Ottawa for the first time and fall in love with a busy city
* I meet Angel! โคย 
* My best friend takes on a challenge in her life and visits Africa.
* Cindy is released from hospital and allowed back home!

June *ย 

* The breakup I think everyone saw coming, and what i thought was the loss of one of my great friends
* I get baptized! By Carey Nieuwhof himself, in rob and rose’s backyard.
* Spent a full day at Wasaga with Piercy, Tracey and Kyle. never laughed so hard in my life, also couldve won the award for “Best Sunburn of the Century”
* After 4 months of not seeing Gillian, We spend a day eating Chef boyardi and sitting at the lake. Simple things that make our friendship what it is.ย 
* i drop the switching college bomb again, this time to either London, or Peterborough.
* After 4 years, SOSH is brought back. (schools out, summers here!)
* Was made “Connexus Hero of the Week” wootwoot!
* (Piercy i totally saw this on my twitter and laughed) “well, i guess he knows now. thanks @justinpiercy.BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
* spend one more weekend being a small group leader for the high school girls, camping in Sams backyard!

July *

* Canada day spent sitting in the middle of the lake with my best friend, laughing hysterically with a waterbottle of sourpuss and tim hortons orange juice.
* Jessie comes home from Africa ๐Ÿ™‚ With some pretty jewels for me!ย 
*Road trip to Toronto with Piercy and Jeff to see TOTS play! Stop for a 2:30am Falafel, a 3:30am coffee, home by 4:30 and church by 6!
* Wisdom teeth ๐Ÿ˜ย 
* Establish a “summer goal list”
* Decide 100% that im moving to Peterborough for September
* Go an entire week without talking to Sarah, my biffle. thats nuts for us.
* my first visit to peterborough.ย 
* I decide to take up Tennis. weird?
* My favourite band of all time storms Toronto. Oh coldplay, ill see you again one day.

August *

* Half way done my summer goal list
* Venture to Alberta to meet my dad’s side of the family for the first time, ever.
* Meet up with my old buddy Luke at the West Edmonton Mall (sweet place ever)
* Purchase my very first lululemon athletica sweater. im in love.
* Orillia is on mtv!
* Learn how to rap all 66 books of the bible ( ask me, i can still do it! aha)
* My friends throw me a goodbye party!
* My last weekend in barrie, all my friends are with their significant others. so i challenge myself with 5 diet cokes in 5 minutes. i win!
* I get my first tattoo, with my beeeest fran!
* the 10 year traddition of going to toronto and spending way to much money on clothes
* out for an epic rollerblade with sarah debeer before she scuries off to outtatown
* Snow in Clagary!
* Im officially the owner of a nikon
* Moving away time! Off to peterborough to live in a small apartment with 5 other girls ive never met before

September *

* I skip my college orientation to spend the day with Gillybones โคย 
* I decide i hate my roomates and switch rooms, after less than a day.
* Settle into a cozy place with 5 girls and no air conditioner.ย 
* all of the sudden i have 5 new friends. Haley, Ronke, Nicole, Tiegaan and Amanda. ( my roomies)
* ask gillian about her lasagna attempt ๐Ÿ˜› aha. my favourite college cooking story. ” BUT I WAS HUNGRY! i didnt want to wait any longer!!”
* mama comes to visit me in peterborough
* the highlite of communications lectureย
* i gave myself a black eye. bahaha
*John Brown decides i need a pet. welcome to the world Freddy Fingers and uhh. abdule, the ninth..or..something.. what?
* Kylie takes off for Ireland!

October *

* first bus adventure to barrie
* take my best friend on her first plane ride to Albertaย 
* I decide i want to drop out of school and become a flight attendant
* Midterms = epic fail.
* Fall fair, turkey day and reading week (L)
* Oct.20th. SNOW!!!
* Hung out with Cindy Morris for the day<3ย 
* Visit to Wonderland for “Fear Fest”
* I watch my first leafs game with Tiegaan. nope, still not interested.
* Tiegaan, Nicole and I dress up as tourists for halloween.

November *

* congrats, Obama.
* r.i.p brandon crisp. The boy that captured Barrie’s heart and brought a community together.
* I.E 08 is alive! proudly one of the leaders. Get to connect with old friends and meet new ones
* Gas in Peterborough is 76 cents!
* bible college next year?
* Begin the “watching superbad at 2am” weekly tradition with my new best friend! ๐Ÿ™‚ ahaha.
* My roomies visit barrie and go to connexus for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚

December *

* I convert to “appleism” and get an early christmas gift, a macbook!
* Get to skype with my good friend teaching english in china. Miss you cameroon!
* finals = sooo much better than midterms
* Ember takes off at Casa Cappucino, and I get to spend time with a friend i thought id never talk to again.
* Invited on a retreat, then asked not to come. Hurt, but not giving up.
* officially cellphoneless.
* Tackle babysitting Emma Walker for an entire week.
* Kylie comes home and our weekend in Toronto gets cancelled due to weather ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
* Katrina springs the surprise and anounces her and paul are engaged ๐Ÿ˜€ congrats love!!
* Connexus rocks Christmas eve.
* canned ham for my favourite upstreet homie. ahaha, merry christmas!
* Clothes, ipod, socks and the flu are on my list for christmas gifts.
* Step sister, niece and nephew venture to barrie for a whole week โค

My friend Gillian blogged the other day about having that one secret that not many people know about you. I thought for a long time and was convinced that i didnt have one of those “secrets”, until today.

I have so many friends who have found love. I dont know if they looked in the right places or had something i didnt, but some of my closest friends are absolutley head over heals in love.
Heres the bad part. Im so jealous! I totally dont want to be, and I love hearing all about the cute things that happen during their relationships but it makes me really sad inside.
A year ago, right around this time I had convinced myself I had met the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with, and now we have trouble just finding things to talk about with eachother. Every day I see two people in love and it kills me.
I’m really sorry if I come across as selfish, i know its one of the most selfish things ive ever said, but.. it just makes me wonder, if and when im ever going to be as happy as them.


Hope everyone has a great time with family and friends. I’ll be posting again in the newyear ๐Ÿ™‚
Blessings for a great christmas season


Set up house back in Barrie, cruising in my parents mini van, and spending an absurd amount of time relaxing/reading/drinking coffee. Such is my life now…. Back at church last weekend for the first time since forever (church here, like connexus not church in general), A bit weird coming back – everyone that I knew while I was there seems a bit different, maybe cause i left, maybe cause theres new friends, and inside out is different. Kinda hurt when i was pretty much told to hold off on inside out until April. I really just want to spend my sunday nights with my real friends again!…oh, the politics! Feeling unusually overwhelmed by the vast amount of people in my life currently, and not just people, but people who HUG. I don’t think I realized my in-Peterborough hug-deprivation until I got back here, and now it’s like this constant smothering. Not sure if I like it or not, but ill take it cause i know ill be missin out in a few weeks time

In other news, babysitting emma walker (aka my “christmas job”) started yesterday and though its not actually an actual job, boy is it a load of work! But I love her, shes a hillarious baby who always wants into something.

I think that’s all I have to report. Nothing worse than a blog post about nothing, relaying nothing, and containing no information whatsoever.

The end.

Its done! finally over. Im so happy! I can finally no longer say im “fresh meat”, I can finally find my complete way around campus, and I know all the good spots to eat fast food in town
I didnt think I would ever like Fleming College, or Peterborough, but its been a lot of fun in only four months. It almost flew by, now that i think of it. Im excited to start a new program next semester and see where it takes me.
So excited to have such a rockin christmas break ๐Ÿ™‚

today has been a frustrating day. Ive been studying non stop like a mad mother for my child development final. As i was studying the good mail man swung by and slid a card under my door. There was a little envalope addressed to me, got pretty excited! The card was homemade, with a silly pencil crayon drawing. With the silliest inside joke on the inside.
Thank you Joe Macdonald. ahaha.

my mac book

weird. a very materialistic obsession, but this thing is sweeeet.
More to update after exams i guess, ill be in barrie by wednesday ๐Ÿ˜€

Just a few thoughts in my head:

1. Ive been creeping on these 3 artists from Cali. My age, but so good. you should creep them too, on myspace or youtube. puuuure genius. AJ Rafael, Cathy Nguyen and Gabe Bondoc.
(PS check out Cathy and Gabe’s cover of “At the Cross” its incredible.

2. I asked for a new keyboard for my birthday. the one i have is practically ancient and ..gross. It belonged to my aunt a looong time ago, and i want a new one. Been listening to lots of piano lately, inspires me to start again and see what happens.

3. I’m getting a mac tomorrow.ย  im so excited. my toshiba is one honking piece of crap. my charger is taped together (and its my 3rd charger) and everything that can go wrong with it, has went wrong. So, as an early christmas gift, santa claus (uncle…claus) has gifted me with a shiny little white computer. man, wish it was still available in black.

4. Im DYING to see twilight. but ive been holding off until christmas break (which is in six days!) so i can go see it in barrie with my bestfriend. Gosh, i hate being patient.

5. I went to the gym yesterday and today. It felt so good. worked out for an hour, swam for half an hour. soooooo good. holy smokes.

6. I keep getting calls asking me to donate blood. My mom calls me atleast 3 times a week telling me that the blood donor clinic on Bayview (close to where i live back home) is calling and asking me to come in. But every time i do go in to give blood, they tell me the same thing. “You have low iron, you should be tested for anemia”. helloooo, i have been tested, i do have anemia. Stop calling!

7. Its time for my first set of college finals! I have 3 finals in one day, and one the next day. im home by next Wednesday! Take a sec and pray for me and my friends as we finish up our first semester of college.

8. Malaria bites, and so does not having any sponsors. you can still save a life! ask me how!

9. if you havent seen me online, its cause i deleted my hotmail address. Add my gmail acount =)

10. Christmas holidays are from Dec. 8th-Jan.10th. HANGOUT WITH ME!

11. if your into techno stuff, check out my cousin Zacks facebook fanpage! He only has one song up, but its sweet.ย  He’s going to Queens University in Kingston for Music and English. Pretty..nifty!
(btw, you need facebook to check that out)

12. im totally into skype. its basically the same as msn, but for some reason i like it waaay better. if you skype, look me up! im under sarebeth, no big suprise there.

13. im happy, all of the time. serious. i havent cried or felt as sad as i did before in a long time. gods working in my favour, let me tell you. Remember “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him(romans 8:28)

anyway!Now you have quite a few links to try out, get a feel for some new music. and i gotta head to bed! (Pat Dryburgh, how hip am i ? now that im a mac user and all.)

Thats all i got. pretty lame, i know.

happy december 1st! ๐Ÿ™‚

i love christmas time. Now, more than ever because its a chance for me to take a month from school and get together with my friends from home and see all my family. siblings, cousins, parents, grandparents, and this year some family ive never met before!!!

And i love christmas music! Im going to pull a carey, and ask, whats your favourite christmas song? i need some ideas for the martin family christmas cd 08.

My fave is definatley “Relient K’s – Angels we have heard on high” and the Upstreet Jingle Jams- Joy to the World”

how about you?

Cant wait to read what you think!!


ps. where does the nog, in egg nog come from?