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Just a few thoughts in my head:

1. Ive been creeping on these 3 artists from Cali. My age, but so good. you should creep them too, on myspace or youtube. puuuure genius. AJ Rafael, Cathy Nguyen and Gabe Bondoc.
(PS check out Cathy and Gabe’s cover of “At the Cross” its incredible.

2. I asked for a new keyboard for my birthday. the one i have is practically ancient and ..gross. It belonged to my aunt a looong time ago, and i want a new one. Been listening to lots of piano lately, inspires me to start again and see what happens.

3. I’m getting a mac tomorrow.  im so excited. my toshiba is one honking piece of crap. my charger is taped together (and its my 3rd charger) and everything that can go wrong with it, has went wrong. So, as an early christmas gift, santa claus (uncle…claus) has gifted me with a shiny little white computer. man, wish it was still available in black.

4. Im DYING to see twilight. but ive been holding off until christmas break (which is in six days!) so i can go see it in barrie with my bestfriend. Gosh, i hate being patient.

5. I went to the gym yesterday and today. It felt so good. worked out for an hour, swam for half an hour. soooooo good. holy smokes.

6. I keep getting calls asking me to donate blood. My mom calls me atleast 3 times a week telling me that the blood donor clinic on Bayview (close to where i live back home) is calling and asking me to come in. But every time i do go in to give blood, they tell me the same thing. “You have low iron, you should be tested for anemia”. helloooo, i have been tested, i do have anemia. Stop calling!

7. Its time for my first set of college finals! I have 3 finals in one day, and one the next day. im home by next Wednesday! Take a sec and pray for me and my friends as we finish up our first semester of college.

8. Malaria bites, and so does not having any sponsors. you can still save a life! ask me how!

9. if you havent seen me online, its cause i deleted my hotmail address. Add my gmail acount =)

10. Christmas holidays are from Dec. 8th-Jan.10th. HANGOUT WITH ME!

11. if your into techno stuff, check out my cousin Zacks facebook fanpage! He only has one song up, but its sweet.  He’s going to Queens University in Kingston for Music and English. Pretty..nifty!
(btw, you need facebook to check that out)

12. im totally into skype. its basically the same as msn, but for some reason i like it waaay better. if you skype, look me up! im under sarebeth, no big suprise there.

13. im happy, all of the time. serious. i havent cried or felt as sad as i did before in a long time. gods working in my favour, let me tell you. Remember “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him(romans 8:28)

anyway!Now you have quite a few links to try out, get a feel for some new music. and i gotta head to bed! (Pat Dryburgh, how hip am i ? now that im a mac user and all.)

Thats all i got. pretty lame, i know.



  1. 1) You’ve always been hip.
    2) I strongly suggest that you check out So good.
    3) my skype: patdryburgh (though, I’m hardly on it… use iChat for your gmail!!)

  2. A mac??? You’ve conformed into macs???? ahhh Sare!!!
    lol I’m just teasing yeah<3

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