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Set up house back in Barrie, cruising in my parents mini van, and spending an absurd amount of time relaxing/reading/drinking coffee. Such is my life now…. Back at church last weekend for the first time since forever (church here, like connexus not church in general), A bit weird coming back – everyone that I knew while I was there seems a bit different, maybe cause i left, maybe cause theres new friends, and inside out is different. Kinda hurt when i was pretty much told to hold off on inside out until April. I really just want to spend my sunday nights with my real friends again!…oh, the politics! Feeling unusually overwhelmed by the vast amount of people in my life currently, and not just people, but people who HUG. I don’t think I realized my in-Peterborough hug-deprivation until I got back here, and now it’s like this constant smothering. Not sure if I like it or not, but ill take it cause i know ill be missin out in a few weeks time

In other news, babysitting emma walker (aka my “christmas job”) started yesterday and though its not actually an actual job, boy is it a load of work! But I love her, shes a hillarious baby who always wants into something.

I think that’s all I have to report. Nothing worse than a blog post about nothing, relaying nothing, and containing no information whatsoever.

The end.


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