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I actually dont remember anything from the year. another good reason to a)blog b)twitter

January *

*Rang in the new year by learning how to snowmobile!
*Spent the first day of 2008 cleaning up hotel rooms at horseshoe resort. wooo
* I decide I should go to college, and not university. I decide to go to Centennial College, move to Toronto and have a sweet life there (starting in september)
* happy 19th birthday to me! I am now legal to drink in our wonderful province. woo?
*My mom’s best friend, and my second mother (corny, i know) is nearly killed by a school bus and is unconsious and in hospital in toronto for x amount of weeks. I remember telling God that if he helped Cindy through this, i would never ever deny him, ever again. 

February *

* My good friend Pat Dryburgh moves away back to London
* I decide to quit housekeeping to get an even crappier job, at the heights of horseshoe hanging around with little kids all day
* Cindy wakes up 😀 !
* Journey to Niagara Falls with Tracey, Justin and Jeff for our annaversary/valentines celebration. and just plain old fun 🙂
* I decide that i need to home for college and accept a college offer in Orillia for September.

March *

* my mom drops the bomb that she’s dating her high school sweetheart, and they are planning on being married. I, am not impressed. 
* I also, out of the blue have a sister!
* Break up numero uno. Learning that being selfless once in a while, wont kill you
* Learnt to do my own taxes. Who knew an 18 dollar tax return would be so hard.
* I decide i absolutley hate church. and everything that has to go with it
* one of my childhood best friend dies. R.i.p mollydolly<3 

April *

* my mom decides to launch the thought that she wants to move to ottawa
* Begin working in a daycare for children who’s parents are on welfare
* Went to go visit Cindy in hospital in Orillia. First Time i saw her since the accident !
* I meet up with my birth fathers, brother on facebook. Ive never even met my own dad before, so meeting just one relative is amazing. 
* Sarah and I take a stand and somehow got the city of barrie to slightly clean up the naaasty park by our house (we like to think it was us, anyway)
* I start my blog!
* Signed a lease on a house for Sarah, Elle and I to live in. Returned the papers about a week later.
* Talked to my dad on the phone for the first time, ever. He denied he was my dad and hung up. 

May *

* I go to Ottawa for the first time and fall in love with a busy city
* I meet Angel! ❤ 
* My best friend takes on a challenge in her life and visits Africa.
* Cindy is released from hospital and allowed back home!

June * 

* The breakup I think everyone saw coming, and what i thought was the loss of one of my great friends
* I get baptized! By Carey Nieuwhof himself, in rob and rose’s backyard.
* Spent a full day at Wasaga with Piercy, Tracey and Kyle. never laughed so hard in my life, also couldve won the award for “Best Sunburn of the Century”
* After 4 months of not seeing Gillian, We spend a day eating Chef boyardi and sitting at the lake. Simple things that make our friendship what it is. 
* i drop the switching college bomb again, this time to either London, or Peterborough.
* After 4 years, SOSH is brought back. (schools out, summers here!)
* Was made “Connexus Hero of the Week” wootwoot!
* (Piercy i totally saw this on my twitter and laughed) “well, i guess he knows now. thanks @justinpiercy.BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
* spend one more weekend being a small group leader for the high school girls, camping in Sams backyard!

July *

* Canada day spent sitting in the middle of the lake with my best friend, laughing hysterically with a waterbottle of sourpuss and tim hortons orange juice.
* Jessie comes home from Africa 🙂 With some pretty jewels for me! 
*Road trip to Toronto with Piercy and Jeff to see TOTS play! Stop for a 2:30am Falafel, a 3:30am coffee, home by 4:30 and church by 6!
* Wisdom teeth 😐 
* Establish a “summer goal list”
* Decide 100% that im moving to Peterborough for September
* Go an entire week without talking to Sarah, my biffle. thats nuts for us.
* my first visit to peterborough. 
* I decide to take up Tennis. weird?
* My favourite band of all time storms Toronto. Oh coldplay, ill see you again one day.

August *

* Half way done my summer goal list
* Venture to Alberta to meet my dad’s side of the family for the first time, ever.
* Meet up with my old buddy Luke at the West Edmonton Mall (sweet place ever)
* Purchase my very first lululemon athletica sweater. im in love.
* Orillia is on mtv!
* Learn how to rap all 66 books of the bible ( ask me, i can still do it! aha)
* My friends throw me a goodbye party!
* My last weekend in barrie, all my friends are with their significant others. so i challenge myself with 5 diet cokes in 5 minutes. i win!
* I get my first tattoo, with my beeeest fran!
* the 10 year traddition of going to toronto and spending way to much money on clothes
* out for an epic rollerblade with sarah debeer before she scuries off to outtatown
* Snow in Clagary!
* Im officially the owner of a nikon
* Moving away time! Off to peterborough to live in a small apartment with 5 other girls ive never met before

September *

* I skip my college orientation to spend the day with Gillybones ❤ 
* I decide i hate my roomates and switch rooms, after less than a day.
* Settle into a cozy place with 5 girls and no air conditioner. 
* all of the sudden i have 5 new friends. Haley, Ronke, Nicole, Tiegaan and Amanda. ( my roomies)
* ask gillian about her lasagna attempt 😛 aha. my favourite college cooking story. ” BUT I WAS HUNGRY! i didnt want to wait any longer!!”
* mama comes to visit me in peterborough
* the highlite of communications lecture
* i gave myself a black eye. bahaha
*John Brown decides i need a pet. welcome to the world Freddy Fingers and uhh. abdule, the ninth..or..something.. what?
* Kylie takes off for Ireland!

October *

* first bus adventure to barrie
* take my best friend on her first plane ride to Alberta 
* I decide i want to drop out of school and become a flight attendant
* Midterms = epic fail.
* Fall fair, turkey day and reading week (L)
* Oct.20th. SNOW!!!
* Hung out with Cindy Morris for the day<3 
* Visit to Wonderland for “Fear Fest”
* I watch my first leafs game with Tiegaan. nope, still not interested.
* Tiegaan, Nicole and I dress up as tourists for halloween.

November *

* congrats, Obama.
* r.i.p brandon crisp. The boy that captured Barrie’s heart and brought a community together.
* I.E 08 is alive! proudly one of the leaders. Get to connect with old friends and meet new ones
* Gas in Peterborough is 76 cents!
* bible college next year?
* Begin the “watching superbad at 2am” weekly tradition with my new best friend! 🙂 ahaha.
* My roomies visit barrie and go to connexus for the first time 🙂

December *

* I convert to “appleism” and get an early christmas gift, a macbook!
* Get to skype with my good friend teaching english in china. Miss you cameroon!
* finals = sooo much better than midterms
* Ember takes off at Casa Cappucino, and I get to spend time with a friend i thought id never talk to again.
* Invited on a retreat, then asked not to come. Hurt, but not giving up.
* officially cellphoneless.
* Tackle babysitting Emma Walker for an entire week.
* Kylie comes home and our weekend in Toronto gets cancelled due to weather 😦
* Katrina springs the surprise and anounces her and paul are engaged 😀 congrats love!!
* Connexus rocks Christmas eve.
* canned ham for my favourite upstreet homie. ahaha, merry christmas!
* Clothes, ipod, socks and the flu are on my list for christmas gifts.
* Step sister, niece and nephew venture to barrie for a whole week ❤


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