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Monthly Archives: January 2009

photo-2the purolator man brought me a package today! It was from home, and even though it was only some stuff for school and some money. it was sweet. 

If you are ever bored and want to send me  a letter, you should do it!

i will include this, juuuust incase 😉

Sarah Martin-Rathwell H5
Severn Court Student Residence
555 Wilfred Dr.
Peterborough, ON
K9K 1W1

get on that.


Once or twice a week I like kickin back with tea or some sort of, beverage and talk about things im passionate about, or stuff that interests me, or just have a down right good chat with a friend. 

Not doing that this week, has literally driven me nuts! Ive been bombed with homework up to my head, and just feeling so BLAH!

Can someone please skype me, or perhaps gimacdon, we could have a library date of some sorts?

someone bring me back down to earth! lol.

5 of my current favourite songs, incase you need some new music to check out 🙂

How Much, By Meg and Dia.

Sunday Morning, By Maroon 5

If you leave, by Nada Surf

I was so alone, by the Rocket Summer

Suicide Blonde, By Jacks Mannequin

HAve a listen, let me know what you think 🙂





i hate that i moved away


i miss going to school with you, and waiting at the bus stop

i miss going to school with you, and waiting at the bus stop




i miss fun nights at the beach

i miss fun nights at the beach



making trips to the mall;even with no money

making trips to the mall;even with no money



stupid inside jokes <3

stupid inside jokes ❤


the oh so epic alberta trip. beebberlyyy

the oh so epic alberta trip. beebberlyyy




our first drinking experiences

our first drinking experiences


our attempt at "classy" !

our attempt at "classy" !

celebrating our birthdays together <3

celebrating our birthdays together ❤


staying up all night playing on webcam

staying up all night playing on webcam







classic mirror shots

classic mirror shots





something ooonly you would understand

something ooonly you would understand

Bestie, I could never freaking ever replace you. Many people in my life hold the title of “best friend” in my life. but, you take the cake. your practically my sister. Ive lived with you, spent more than 24 hours straight with you, been rewarded and in trouble with you. Thanks so much! You, are the greatest friend i could ever ask for. 


Things are going well. I switched from the “School of Health and Wellness” to the “School of law, justice and community services” and am liking it a whole lot better. Late classes arent my forte, but i think ill get the swing of them. 

I’m in Barrie right now, came home for the wacky Connexus Volunteer Hoedown. Such a blast to clown around with my friends while were all wearing cowboy hats.

But im really liking the Peterborough vibe right now. Everything up there is going really well, so im trying so hard not to screw that up for myself.

Thats it for now. Hope everyone enjoyed the plus digit temperature today!

happy 20th birthday to me.

So, being up in peterborough used to get kinda stinky and lonely. I went from seeing Sarah every single day to once a month- if we were lucky. and i really do miss her 😦 but i have made a best friend, who ill neverever forget 🙂

When i first moved in, Tiegaan was the first roomate i met. She was directly across the hall from me and i figured we’d be greeaat friends, but when she opened her mouth i got “im tiegaan..but you wont remember that” ouch. friend oppurtunity, gonezo. But since then weve had so mcuh fun, going for much needed walks around campus, making food at 4am, crying in the bathroom together.  im sitting here beside her on the couch thinking, that this feels just like when Sarah and i would stay home from school, make food and watch tv all day, and it just feels like best friends.

thanks biegaan 🙂 i love how were the only 2 left, besties forever ❤ !

The drives up to Peterborough always allow for a lot of things. A good nap after sunday morning, ample reading time, photo oppurtunities and time to have a good think. I was thinking while driving to peterborough today that my Christmas break made me stronger. I read my bible more, journalled more, was really active.
Now ive been in peterborough for a few hours and i feel so helpless. I already am back to my normal awful sleeping ritual, i ate junk for supper.
i want my christmas break back!

So, im sure by now people know I’m not involved with Inside Out – the Connexus Youth Ministry, anymore. If i were to stay in Barrie till 9pm every Sunday night it would leave me getting to peterborough around 3am on Monday, and ready for my 9am class monday morning. So as much as I didn’t like stepping down as girls small group leader, it had to be done. 

I really miss working with the teens though, it was so much fun to sit with a group of girls and talk about how God was working in their lives, or their emptiness, it was good to just be a friend. So i missed it a lot, and wondered what else i could do for teen girls that could really help, and be fun at the same time. I found “I.E girl” (I.E = inspire excellence, based on 1Tim. 4:12) this great oppurtunity to be a leader for girls 12-20, share God’s word with them while getting to know them. Since finding out about I.E last September, ive helped plan, and been apart of retreats, met girls from all across Canada and been apart of what God is doing in teen girls lives across Canada.

It’s awesome! Were planning our second retreat in Febuary in Niagara Falls, for girls from Eastern Canada. Be a part of it! if your a girl between 12-20, or a girls youth leader, we would love it if you came! you can register online ( or by contacting me for more details (

Its going to be a great weekend! see you at the falls!



I’m fairly certain that God is trying to show me something, but I’m really not sure what. At the beginning of the year everything that I knew had begun to fallen apart. Long story short, I had to do some friend adjusting, some family adjusting, some education adjusting and event some sarah adjusting.  So im beginning a new program on Monday. I took a semester of ECE and did not like it. At all. I couldn’t figure it quite out, I love children, I have a passion for working with them, every Sunday i work with dozens of kids and their families, so why wasn’t ECE a good fit? So im going to try Social Work. Instead of teaching, helping. So i adjusted my life, and I have no idea where it is going. Not just with school, with family, friends, my own personal life.

Regardless, I’m sure He will show me something.

So, im back in Peterborough and start classes on Monday. I have a big of a heavy course load, but im hoping it will all work out.