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write ten things about where you are sitting right now that you hadn’t noticed when you sat down. use your senses. do it quickly. do not censor. okay, begin.

-1 Over the past 2 days, i drank way too much gingerale and didnt recycle
-2 I need to start packing because im moving back in a week and my clothes are everywhere.
-3 its still christmas in my room
-4 the sun rises in a hurry, especially when your curtains are actually sheers.
-5 I need to stop colouring in my tattoo with magic markers, because the colour is leaking onto my bed sheets.
-6 the green chair matches the old carpet. my mom promised nothing in our house would ever be that colour ever again.
-7 the room is empty since being free of all my good junk
-8 my cards are everywhere, i need to put them in my wallet
-9 time to make the bed. involving putting the sheets back on the mattress
-10 plug in they keyboard hiding in the closet and work some musical magic


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