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no no, not for me.

dont get me wrong, I ate that twilight series right up, i love it. I loved it for its suspense, for Rosalie, and how laid back and suspecious she was, for Alice and how much fun she was, and even for Edwards ability to sweep Bella off her feet. But, when I take a step back i see hundreds of millions of girls ages 13-30 who have literally fallen for this fictional character, like they had never been romanced, or heard a romantic line ever in their lives.

Stephenie Meyer, the author said she created Edward in the imagine of a perfect boy, just as a vampire. Ive heard that she created him this way so dozens of girls would hold their hopes high, waiting for their own personal “edward cullen” 
mhm. i think they are going to be waiting a looong time.

sorry eddy – i got a prince out there somewhere, and hes not attracted to blood.



  1. I like your line “and he’s not attracted to blood”
    its so true! I mean I’m loving the movies and the books but holy crap I’m not going to cry over the characters or ask some actor marry me on live tv! haha! loveyou sare martin<3

  2. couldnt even get into those books, and frankly dont really wnat to see the movie. .. the idea of a bunch of girls thworing themselves at a movie character who is a vampire doesnt really seem like my cup of tea.

    were the books even any good?

    ps. sare gilly yoga time can be arranged. weekends say? let me know.

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