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I’m fairly certain that God is trying to show me something, but I’m really not sure what. At the beginning of the year everything that I knew had begun to fallen apart. Long story short, I had to do some friend adjusting, some family adjusting, some education adjusting and event some sarah adjusting.  So im beginning a new program on Monday. I took a semester of ECE and did not like it. At all. I couldn’t figure it quite out, I love children, I have a passion for working with them, every Sunday i work with dozens of kids and their families, so why wasn’t ECE a good fit? So im going to try Social Work. Instead of teaching, helping. So i adjusted my life, and I have no idea where it is going. Not just with school, with family, friends, my own personal life.

Regardless, I’m sure He will show me something.

So, im back in Peterborough and start classes on Monday. I have a big of a heavy course load, but im hoping it will all work out.


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  1. youre in the borough already?

    good luck with your course load, i know that you can make it work, youre a strong person! : ) you can do it!

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