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So, im sure by now people know I’m not involved with Inside Out – the Connexus Youth Ministry, anymore. If i were to stay in Barrie till 9pm every Sunday night it would leave me getting to peterborough around 3am on Monday, and ready for my 9am class monday morning. So as much as I didn’t like stepping down as girls small group leader, it had to be done. 

I really miss working with the teens though, it was so much fun to sit with a group of girls and talk about how God was working in their lives, or their emptiness, it was good to just be a friend. So i missed it a lot, and wondered what else i could do for teen girls that could really help, and be fun at the same time. I found “I.E girl” (I.E = inspire excellence, based on 1Tim. 4:12) this great oppurtunity to be a leader for girls 12-20, share God’s word with them while getting to know them. Since finding out about I.E last September, ive helped plan, and been apart of retreats, met girls from all across Canada and been apart of what God is doing in teen girls lives across Canada.

It’s awesome! Were planning our second retreat in Febuary in Niagara Falls, for girls from Eastern Canada. Be a part of it! if your a girl between 12-20, or a girls youth leader, we would love it if you came! you can register online ( or by contacting me for more details (

Its going to be a great weekend! see you at the falls!



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