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So, being up in peterborough used to get kinda stinky and lonely. I went from seeing Sarah every single day to once a month- if we were lucky. and i really do miss her 😦 but i have made a best friend, who ill neverever forget 🙂

When i first moved in, Tiegaan was the first roomate i met. She was directly across the hall from me and i figured we’d be greeaat friends, but when she opened her mouth i got “im tiegaan..but you wont remember that” ouch. friend oppurtunity, gonezo. But since then weve had so mcuh fun, going for much needed walks around campus, making food at 4am, crying in the bathroom together.  im sitting here beside her on the couch thinking, that this feels just like when Sarah and i would stay home from school, make food and watch tv all day, and it just feels like best friends.

thanks biegaan 🙂 i love how were the only 2 left, besties forever ❤ !


One Comment

  1. oh sareyyy..
    i love you..
    some funn times together and some sad…
    but deff besties forever.. ❤

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