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1. I taught myself to play guitar. Im no epic musician or anything, but i know a couple songs.
2. I look everything up on I’m not sure if anything on there is actually legit, but i find it fun

3. I love the O.C. i bought the first season for something to do over christmas break and ended up getting the second, third an fourth from my mom and pierce because i became obsessed with it

4. im afraid of going to the bathroom if the shower curtain is closed, especially at the apartment. you never know whos going to show up and hide in your bathroom

5. I have a cousin, that ive never ever ever met, named Sarah Elizabeth Martin (which is my name) and we go to the same school. weird? ahaha ❤ 

6. I spoke french before i could speak english. 

7. I love rollerblading. I dont know what it is, but its always been this weird addiction. When i was younger i used to rollerblade around my grandmas house in the winter

8. When i was younger I saved every loonie i ever got and bought a swing set from costco

9. I hate needles, but love getting piercings and tattoos. Ive had a total of 8 piercings. oh, and 1 tattoo.

10. Im allergic to practically every fruit

11. I dont wear socks, unless i absolutley have too or unless its with sandals. 

12. I figure skated for 13 years of my life

13. and then quit skating to play rugby

14. I took Early Childhood Education in school because i thought i wanted to be a teacher. Now, im back in first semester for social work and loving it ❤ 

15. the only reason i know how to swim is because my grandpa took me in the pool and wouldnt let me get out till i could swim

16. I can rap all 66 books of the bible..(seriously ask me how!)

17. I cry in basically every movie i watch, and can relate almost every movie i watch to some part in my life.

18. I love being by myself. I like to lay on my bed in silence alone and just think.

19. I love water. if you look in my mini fridge its full of water and iced tea only. and its stocked to the brim. 

20. For the longest time i felt like i didnt have a best friend. And now i consider 5 or 6 people my best friends.

21. I havent seen my biological father in almost 11 years.

22. I’m actually allergic to poison ivy. Most people get an irritation from it and might get a little rash if they touch it, but I fully break out in hives all over my body.

23. When i take a shower, I follow a creeeppy routine. shampoo, wash body, conditioner, brush teeth. 

24. When i go to the bathroom i turn the tap on because i dont like people hearing me pee.

25. My weakness is sponge toffee


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