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Just a few thoughts in my head:

1. I miss connexus. I was watching worship videos on youtube ( i know, kind of weird..) and i just miss chillin in the theater listening to andy walker.

2. im going through this “social networking” phase. Im really liking dailybooth or blogtv right now. 

3.  I love all things apple. My macbook, iwork, ipod. i dont know what i was doing with windows all these years. 

4. Has anyone heard of the movie “The Invisible” ? I saw a preview for it today when i was watchign Step Up. The release date was sometime in Jan, but I never heard of it. it looks really good. check out the trailer on youtube.

5. I havent been to the gym yet this year. infact, all ive been doing is just enjoying my life. literally. Ive been so happy for the most part. Hopefully as the weather gets better, ill get my butt in gear. 

6. does ANYONE keep getting random calls from California on their cellphone?

7.  I.E 2009 (spring) retreat isnt happening. It breaks my heart, but watch out for updates on the fall retreat.

8. I have a new roomate! shemoved from 3 buildings over. Her name is Sara!

9. if you havent seen me online, its cause i deleted my hotmail address. Add my gmail acount =)

10. Reading week is soon! im home from feb.26th-march 7th.

11.  I got a bunny! at the apartment. Her name is lulu. Check my youtube account or a couple posts below to meet her.

Thats all for now. Whats new in your lives 🙂 ?

Ps… 29 people read my blog yesterday, but not one of you commented with any suggestions for what to do on lonely vday? thanks! meanies!


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  1. Lol I would have commented on your last post but I was like.. hmm awkward almost? yeah basically I didn’t know what to say… sooooooooooooooooooooooo ILOVEEYOU annnnnddd i miss you!

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