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I’m feeling pretty exhausted and zoned out because of how behind on everything I am. Ive been working so hard to bounce back after last semester and get better marks. So far so good, 90% on a paper i did a couple weeks ago. But i feel so deflated and all i want to do is sleep. 
Reading Break starts this THURSDAY AT NOON 😀 my roomate Tiegaan is staying a few days with me 🙂

anywho, gotta run and study, 2 last things however.

1. Pat D, im sorry i couldnt make your party! I hope it was a blast though. Happy Birthday P.Diddy! 🙂

2. be there! its so fun.


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  1. 1) TRUST ME, I totally know how you feel. I’ve let myself fall behind in different areas of life so many times. Just break your tasks down into small steps and start checking off your list as you go. Every time you finish something, have a small party. You’ll do great!

    2) It was a blast! I’m coming up sometime in March, so you can give me my birthday gift then 😉 (jk. i don’t expect a present. just a good birthday hug and/or high-five is awesome).

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